Loren's Island Standard Times, February 2011

Although not from the Western New York area, Loren has played here in the past and is a friend of Trop Rock WNY.

Loren Davidson
Castro Valley, CA

The days are getting longer! If you're buried in snow right now, it might not look hopeful, but the earlier sunrises and later sunsets are definite signs that spring is on its way.

Just In: Examiner.com Review of "Island Standard Time"

"Island Standard Time" just got an excellent review from Vicki Shivers at Examiner.com! Vicki is the official columnist for all things Buffett at the Examiner, and often talks about major happenings in the Parrothead world. Whether you have your own copy of the album yet or not, I encourage you to check out the review and the rest of Vicki's blog. I read it regularly.

And if you don't have your copies yet, why not stop by and order them? You know you're gonna enjoy it.

Review: West Coast CD Release Party!

Thanks to everyone who came down to High Street Station on the 21st to party with me and Steve! We had a good crowd and a great time! Here's some of what you missed, courtesy of YouTube:

There's more, but I'll let you find those yourself. :) And people who were there got the entire show, met new friends, and enjoyed some very good food and beverage.

New Stickers!

My new "5:00 Anywhere" sticker

I mentioned these last month, but figured a picture was worth a bunch of words. In the spirit of those "international" car stickers, I had these made up to indicate where *I* want to be from. They're a bit smaller than the standard size - 4.25"x2.75" - but they still will look good on your car, boat, barstool, or iPad case. They're three for $1on my Website (covers postage), or free when you buy one or more CDs.

Can't get to the show? Bring the show to you!

I believe that one of the best ways to experience songwriters is at a house concert. These are shows usually done with one or two players on acoustic guitars, performing mostly their original songs and talking about the stories behind the songs. These shows are “intimate concerts’ - up close where you get an inside look at the songs and the artist. Audience ‘sing-a-longs' are encouraged, at least at my shows!!!  House concerts are held in backyards, living rooms, banquet rooms, patios, fields - anyplace you can get a group of people together to listen to music.  Many people love this type of environment and entertainment, and house concerts have been growing in number every year. If you might be interested in hosting one in your city please contact me and I’ll send you more info on them. If we can get 25-30 people, I can afford to travel almost anyplace in the US.

FYI, if you're in or near the Bay Area - within, oh, two hours' driving - I'm now booking "dinner shows" for friends with smaller houses. It's like a mini-house concert, but you don't need as much space or as many people. If you can invite 5-10 people, I'll join you and your friends for dinner and perform a post-dinner show. It's cheaper than going to the movies, and a good time to see friends you really wanted to see anyway.

Let's talk. Call me at 510-821-1812 or email me if you're interested. I'll help you with all you need to know to have a fun and successful time.

Thanks for listening,


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