Greetings From Water-Logged SE Texas!

Greetings From the Wettest Corner of the Country!
By now you've seen the news stories, pictures, and personal accounts on TV and Facebook. Hurricane Hugo was not nice to the South Texas coast, Greater Houston, and the SE Texas area, where WE live. In answer to all from out of this area who have asked, I can report that all members of the Jerry Diaz & Hanna's Reef, Sail Away Entertainment, Pardi-Gras, and Pirates & Poets family have emerged on the other side with minor damage. We feel extremely lucky, especially when compared to SO many around us. Neighbors of ours (and probably many of you who receive this e-mail) were not so lucky. Many, many friends of ours have (or had) water in their house, anywhere from 1 foot to completely over their roofs. As I write this, there are still folks without electricity, or running water. In fact, there are still folks who can't leave their houses yet because they are surrounded by water. The bad news is that it will take some time for the affected area to recover from this natural disaster. The good news is that I don't know of stronger folks with more resolve than the ones who live here on the Texas coast. Thanks to "neighbors helping neighbors", and the tremendous generosity of Americans from all over who have donated money, time, and even "hands on" help, we will make a full and speedy recovery. Here's a link to the PayPal website for donations (many different charities there to choose from) for those who would like to.

As you probably guessed, our gigs last weekend in Crystal Beach, and Port Neches, were cancelled. Apologies to folks there who were expecting us. In addition, there are a handful of future shows that will be cancelled, or rescheduled. Please visit our website anytime for up to the minute changes.

Having said all of that, I also want to say that our thoughts and prayers go out to the folks in the Caribbean who have been affected by Hurricane Irma this week. Many of the places that we (and you) love to visit were badly damaged by this hurricane. But just like us, I know that they will rebuild, and be stronger than ever when all is said and done. 

To our friends in Florida, who are bracing for Irma's wrath: First, I HOPE it turns out to the Atlantic, and heads out to sea! But if that doesn't happen, please remember that property and material things are not nearly as important as surviving, and being able to return to rebuild. Don't take a chance with your life, or your loved ones. The entire country is sending blessings your way in advance, to weather this storm. 

Stay positive everyone, and above all, stay safe.....

- Jerry Diaz
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