Hello From Sam Rainwater - Music Newsletter 2-14-20

After a disappointing Concert by the Eagles & Jimmy Buffett in Denver (bad seats, no interaction between Jimmy & The Eales) we completed the last of the “down Under” Vacation in August 2018 when we were in Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Raiatea and Huahine!! A great time – 2 new songs “Bye Bye Bora Bora” & “Huahene Island”.
Trying to stay warm – we spent January 2019 in Jamaica. Nice & Warm – no new songs but lots of inspiration and new lines. The next travel in the spring was Copper Canyon in Mexico (-where I wrote “Senior Seniorita” followed by Magdelena Bay, La Paz & Loredo all in Baja. While traveling from place to place by Bus I wrote “Ranchitos Road”
The late summer Elizabeth & I spent in France, Spain, Gibraltar & Portugal – with a day trip from Gibraltar to Tangier, Morocco Africa (our 1st time on the African Continent!  At the end of our Europe trip we spent the week with Brent Burns tour of WWII Battlefields and the French Country Side.
Now just returning from a visit with Elizabeth’s Son & Family in Kuwait and Rhodes Greece, I am heading back to Tempe AZ and San Carlos Mexico to put finishing touches on Album #5 – “Ranchitos Road” I hit the studio in Nashville the 1st week of April and should have the Album Ready to go by July 4th!
Consequently – we are considering a Release Road Tour of the US. Those plans are up in the air but
throughout the USA/Canada this summer.

Sam Rainwater
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FYI - 100% of income I get from CD Sales, Tips, Gig Fees goes directly to charity - either Troop Packages here in USA or Castaway Kids in Mexico.

Currently at $200,000 to charity from my music!


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