Artist Links

Trop Rock extends nation and world wide. If you haven't heard of some of these fine artists and songwriters search around.

A1A / Georgia / BUY A1A MUSIC

Adam Kiraly / South Carolina / BUY ADAM KIRALY MUSIC

Atomic Mosquitos / Virginia / BUY ATOMIC MOSQUITO MUSIC

B-Man and The Mizzbehavins / New Mexico / BUY B-MAN MUSIC

Bag of Toys / North Carolina / BUY BAG OF TOYS MUSIC

Barefoot Man / Cayman Islands / BUY BAREFOOT MAN MUSIC

Barefoot Reggie Starrett / Georgia / BUY BAREFOOT REGGIE STARRETT

Barry"The Panman" Olsavsky / Florida / BUY BARRY THE PANMAN MUSIC 

Big Papa & the Escape Key Band / New York / BUY BIG PAPA MUSIC 

Bill Cockrell / Florida / BUY BILL COCKRELL MUSIC

Billy Craig / Michigan / BUY BILLY CRAIG MUSIC

Billy Mitchell / Rhode Island / BUY BILLY MITCHELL MUSIC

Blue Island Beer Club / Florida / BUY BLUE ISLAND BEER CLUB MUSIC

Blue Pearl Paradise / Tennessee / BUY JOSH KEAR MUSIC

Bob Durand / Alabama / BUY BOB DURAND MUSIC

Bob Karwin / California / BUY BOB KARWIN MUSIC

Bob Marley / Jamaica / BUY BOB MARLEY MUSIC

Bob Peck / Massachusetts / BUY BOB PECK MUSIC

Bob Schiele / New York / BUY BOB SCHIELE MUSIC

Brent Burns / Alabama / BUY BRENT BURNS MUSIC

Brittany Kingery / Washington / BUY BRITTANY KINGERY MUSIC

Bryan Gorsira / Virginia / BUY BRYAN GORSIRA MUSIC

Buena Vista Social Club / Cuba / BUY BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB MUSIC

Buzz Cason / Tennessee / BUY BUZZ CASON MUSIC

Cabana Man / Oregon / BUY CABANA MAN MUSIC

Caribbean Chillers / Florida / BUY CARIBBEAN CHILLERS MUSIC

Captain Josh / Florida / BUY CAPTAIN JOSH MUSIC

Captn Jac / Indiana / BUY CAPTN JAC MUSIC

Caribbean Extravaganza / New York

Caribbean Sound / Florida / BUY CARIBBEAN SOUND MUSIC

Carnival Kids Steel Orchestra / New York / BUY CARNIVAL KIDS MUSIC

Carolina Beach Club / North Carolina / BUY CAROLINA BEACH CLUB MUSIC

Ceann / Pennsylvania / BUY CEANN MUSIC

Changes in Latitudes / Massachusetts / BUY CHANGES MUSIC

Charlie Imes / California / BUY CHARLIE IMES MUSIC

Christopher Dale /California/ BUY CHRISTOPHER DALE / CD BABY

Cocabanana Band / Massachusetts / BUY COCABANANA BAND MUSIC

Cocoa Beach Boys  / Merritt Island, FL. / CONTACT COCOA BEACH BOYS

Coconut Boat Band / California / BUY COCONUT BOAT BAND MUSIC

Colin Hay / California / BUY COLIN HAY MUSIC 

Cory Young / Florida Keys / BUY CORY YOUNG MUSIC 

Dani Hoy / Pennsylvania / BUY DANI HOY MUSIC

Danny Morgan / Florida / BUY DANNY MORGAN MUSIC

Danny Rosato / Alabama / BUY DANNY ROSADO MUSIC

Danny Taddei / Florida-Louisiana / BUY DANNY TADDEI MUSIC

Dave Calhoun / Washington /  BUY DAVE CALHOUN MUSIC

Davey and The Waverunners / New Jersey / BUY DAVEY AND THE WAVERUNNERS MUSIC


David McKenney  / Virginia /

David Mora / California / BUY DAVID MORA MUSIC

Desert Island Band  / Arizona / BUY DESERT ISLAND BAND MUSIC

Dick Dale / California / BUY DICK DALE MUSIC

Don Ho / Hawaii / BUY DON HO MUSIC

Donald James / Texas / BUY DONALD JAMES MUSIC

Donny Brewer / Texas / BUY DONNY BREWER

Don Middlebrook  / Michigan / BUY DON MIDDLEBROOK MUSIC



Eric Stone / Virgin Islands / BUY ERIC STONE MUSIC


Gary Philips / New Jersey / BUY GARY PHILIPS MUSIC

Gary Seiler / California / BUY GARY SEILER MUSIC

Gene Mitchell / Florida / BUY GENE MITCHELL MUSIC

Giddyup Dave  / Ohio / BUY GIDDYUP DAVE MUSIC

Gimme Buffett / New York

Glen Mock and The Tropical Dreamers / Missouri / BUY TROPICAL DREAMERS MUSIC

Greg Dillard / Mississippi / BUY GREG DILLARD MUSIC

Hanna's Reef / Texas / BUY HANNA'S REEF MUSIC

Harbour Knights  / New York / BUY HARBOUR KNIGHTS MUSIC


Highway 1 Band / Florida / BUY HIGHWAY  BAND MUSIC

Homemade Wine / Tennessee / BUY HOMEMADE WINE MUSIC

Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24 / Florida / BUY HOWARD LIVINGSTON MUSIC

Hugo Duarte / North Carolina / BUY HUGO DUARTE MUSIC

Igor and The Red Elvises / International / BUY Igor and The Red Elvises

Island Express Diana and Mitch / Florida / BUY ISLAND EXPRESS MUSIC

The Island Castaways Band / Massachusetts / BUY ISLAND CASTAWAYS MUSIC

Israel Kamakawawiole / Hawaii / BUY IZ MUSIC

Jack Mosley / Florida / BUY JACK MOSLEY MUSIC

Jake and The Half Conched Band / Tennessee / BUY HALF CONCHED BAND MUSIC

Jambo Joe Bones / Wisconsin / BUY  JAMBO MUSIC

Jeff Caron / Tennessee / BUY JEFF CARON MUSIC

Jeff Elliot  / New York / BUY JEFF ELLIOT MUSIC

Jim Hoehn / Wisconsin / BUY JIM HOEHN MUSIC

Jim Morris / Florida / BUY JIM MORRIS MUSIC

Jimi Pappas / Florida / BUY JIMI PAPPAS MUSIC 

Jimmy Parrish and the Ocean Waves / Florida / BUY JIMMY PARRISH MUSIC

Jimmy and The Parrots / New Jersey / BUY JIMMY AND THE PARROTS MUSIC

Jimmy Buffett / Florida / BUY JIMMY BUFFETT MUSIC

Joe Bennett / Louisiana / BUY JOE BENNETT MUSIC

John Friday / Florida / BUY JOHN FRIDAY MUSIC

John Frinzi / Florida / BUY JOHN FRINZI MUSIC

John Patti  / Maryland / BUY JOHN PATTI MUSIC


John Reno / Alabama / BUY JOHN RENO MUSIC

Johnny Russler and The Beach Bum Band / Illinois / BUY JOHNNY RUSSLER MUSIC


Jordan Danielsen / Iowa / BUY JORDAN DANIELSEN MUSIC


Kevin Mulvenna / Wisconsin / BUY KEVIN MULVENNA MUSIC

Key West Express / Pennsylvania /

Key West Band / Virginia / BUY KEY WEST BAND MUSIC

Laidback Larry / South Carolina / BUY LAIDBACK LARRY MUSIC

Larry Joe Taylor / Texas / BUY LARRY JOE TAYLOR MUSIC

Latitude / South Carolina / BUY LATITUDE MUSIC

LeeRon Zydeco  / New York


Lighting Jack / Florida / Buy Lighting Jack Music

Loren Davidson / California / BUY LOREN DAVIDSON MUSIC

Mack Meadows / Florida / BUY MACK MEADOWS MUSIC

Mango, Mango (The Island Band) / New York

Matt Hoggatt / Mississippi /  Buy Matt Hoggatt Music 

MO Brothers / Arkansas /  Buy Mo Brothers Music

Rob Mehl / California / BUY ROB MEHL MUSIC

Mark Mulligan / Mexico / BUY MARK MULLIGAN MUSIC

Maui Jim  / New York

Miami University Steel Drum Band

Michael "Sparkey" Drakes / Antigua and Barbuda / BUY SPARKEY DRAKES MUSIC

Michael Drake / Wisconsin / BUY MICHAEL DRAKE MUSIC

Michael Sea and Island Fever / California / BUY MICHAEL SEA MUSIC

Midnight Kahuna (Enrique M. Canut) /  Hawaii /

Mike Broward  / Tennessee / BUY MIKE BROWARD MUSIC

Mike Miller / Illinois / BUY MIKE MILLER 

Mike Smiarowski / New York / BUY MIKE SMIAROWSKI MUSIC 

Montserrat / Australia

New York Minute / Rhode Island / BUY NEW YORK MINUTE MUSIC

Nicky Fabbz / New Jersey / BUY  NICKY FABBZ MUSIC

Outer Reef  / New York

Paul Roush / Missouri / BUY PAUL ROUSH MUSIC

Peter J / Massachusetts / BUY PETER J MUSIC

Pirate Dreams / Western New York / BUY PIRATE DREAMS MUSIC

Quito Rymer / British Virgin Islands / BUY QUITO RYMER MUSIC

Rhythm&Rain Trio / Mississippi /  RHYTHM & RAIN TRIO MUSIC

Rich "Schooner" McGuire / Florida / BUY RICH "SCHOONER" MCGUIRE MUSIC

Ricky Hana  / Hawaii / BUY RICKY HANA MUSIC

Rick Horvath / Pennsylvania / BUY RICK HORVATH MUSIC

Rick Steffen / Florida / BUY RICK STEFFEN MUSIC 

Rob Mehl / California / BUY ROB MEHL MUSIC 

Ron Bell / California / BUY RON BELL MUSIC / OTHER CDBabyPage

Rudy Cox / Florida / BUY RUDY COX

Ryan Hearn /Virginia/ BUY RYAN HEARN MUSIC

Sam Rainwater / Arizona / BUY SAM RAINWATER MUSIC

Sammy Hagar

Sauce Boss / Florida/ BUY SAUCE BOSS MUSIC

Scott Kirby / Florida / BUY SCOTT KIRBY MUSIC

Scotty Lee Shuffield / Texas

Sheree Cade / Florida/ BUY SHEREE CADE MUSIC

Southern Culture on The Skids / North Carolina / BUY SCOTS MUSIC

Southern Drawl Band / Tennessee / BUY SOUTHERN DRAWL BAND MUSIC

St. Somewhere / Tennessee

Stars on The Water / California / BUY STARS ON THE WATER MUSIC

Steel Tropics / California / BUY STEEL TROPICS MUSIC

Steve Angrisano / Oregon / BUY STEVE ANGRISANO MUSIC

Steve Hopper / Tennessee / BUY STEVE HOPPER MUSIC

Steve Tolliver and The Trop Rock Junkies / Florida / BUY STEVE TOLLIVER MUSIC

Steven Youngblood / Florida / BUY STEVEN YOUNGBLOOD MUSIC

Steve Dahl / Illinois / BUY STEVE DAHL MUSIC

Sunny Jim White / Florida / BUY SUNNY JIM MUSIC

Suzan'ah Free / Florida / BUY SUZAN'AH FREE MUSIC

Swim Skinny / Indiana / BUY SWIM SKINNY MUSIC

TJ Walsh / South Carolina / BUY TJ WALSH MUSIC

T. Scott Walker / Florida / BUY T SCOTT WALKER MUSIC

Tall Paul Bobal / Tennessee / BUY TALL PAUL MUSIC

The Bad Monkeys / Texas / BUY BAD MONKEYS MUSIC

The Boat Drunks / Illinois / BUY BOAT DRUNKS MUSIC

The Bomboras / California /

The Bonedaddys / California / BUY BONEDADDYS MUSIC

The Calypsonuts / Virginia / BUY CALYPSONUTS MUSIC

The Caribbean Cowboys / North Carolina / BUY CARIBBEAN COWBOYS MUSIC

The Crazed Mugs / Florida / BUY CRAZED MUGS MUSIC

The Conch Fritters / Florida / BUY THE CONCH FRITTERS

The Detentions / Texas/ BUY THE DETENTIONS

The Hula Monsters / California / BUY HULA MONSTERS MUSIC

The Mango Men / Pennsylvania / BUY MANGO MEN MUSIC

The Parrot Island Band / Georgia / BUY PARROT ISLAND BAND MUSIC

The Surferific Dudes / Virginia / BUY THE SURFERIFIC DUDES MUSIC

The Susquehanna Rum Runners  / New York

The Torquays / California / BUY THE TORQUAYS MUSIC

The Tsunami Wave Riders / North Carolina / BUY TSUNAMI WAVE RIDERS MUSIC

The Uncle Bill Roach Band / Texas / BUY UNCLE BILL ROACH BAND MUSIC

Thom Shepherd / Texas / BUY THOM SHEPHERD 

Tiki Thom Starkey / Maine / BUY TIKI THOM MUSIC (second page

Todd Sparks / Florida / BUY TODD SPARKS MUSIC

Tommy Cox / Virginia / BUY TOMMY COX MUSIC

Tomson and Parish / Califonia / BUY TOMSON AND PARISH MUSIC

Toots and The Maytals / Jamaica / BUY TOOTS AND THE MAYTALS MUSIC

Tropical Express / Florida / BUY DIANA & MITCH MUSIC

Tropical Soul / Pennsylvania / BUY TROPICAL SOUL MUSIC

Troy Allan / Texas / BUY TROY ALLAN MUSIC

Twist of Fate / New York / BUY TWIST OF FATE MUSIC


Unkle Monkey / California / BUY UNKLE MONKEY MUSIC

Young Rebel Goombas / New York / BUY GOOMBAS MUSIC