What's On Shore Life This Week?

 Millie's Beach Brunch Show: Mon-Fri @ 10am to Noon EST.  It's time relax to some Trop Rock Island Listening. Take in some of the best steel pans, ukuleles and tropical sounds ready to whisk you off to paradise.

The Next Wave 
w/Johnny Russler: Mon-Fri @5pm.  introduces you to the newest releases and artists for your ride home.

Trop Rockin' Smilin' Music: Mon-Fri @ 6:00 PM East Coast Time. It's for a Trokkin Laughin' Daily Happy Hour!We deserve to giggle and LOL with our favorite Trop Rock Songwriters share the Funny Side of Life....


Ladies Just Trokkin' : Mon - Fri @ 9pm East coast Time. Settle in with a night cap enjoying our Beautiful Singer/Songwriters in the Female Genre category of Trop Rock. 

Jim Morris Island Daze:  Wed  10:00 PM/ET Mid week break & Sat at Noon East Coast Time.  Join us as we celebrate and pay tribute to Trop Rock Legend Singer/Songwriter Jim Morris! He music will live on through all of us.

Jimmy P's TIKI LIKE A SUNDAY MORNING: Sunday Morning 9AM - 11AM. Relax in your Sunday best hammock for some quality breathe in breathe out weekly stress relief with our very own Jimmy P.
Artist Appreciation w/Millie Marie Taylor: Wed @ 8pm, Fri @ 10pm and Sun @ 8pm est. Pulling a CD out of rotation and giving you Trop Rock droppings about the Artist and the CD  Track by Track. This is Millie Marie's way of sharing some inside trader and artist information.

Shore To Shore News: Join us every Fri Night @ 7pm, Sat @ 8pm, Sun at 12:30pm & Mon & Wed @ Noon, for the freshest Trop Rock news, interviews, and lifestyle pieces on Trop Rock radio.

 Dub that Tropojazzalious: Every Sunday @ 6pm East Coast Time... Let's welcome the sounds of  Tropical Dub, Reggae, Jazz, Blues infused music by some of our favorite Trop Rock Singer/Songwriters. A delightful way to wound down after a long weekend.

Tropical Play with DK: Welcome DK the DJ ( Dennis King ) to SLR. DK is ready to bring you his own mix of fun and 20 years of experience - Every Thur @ 1pm and 10pm Eastern with an encore airing at 6pm on Sat.

The Island Time Radio Show: The Shore brings you rebroadcasts of the award winning Island Time Radio Show every Sat night at 9pm Eastern. Jan. 2020 marked 20years for DK the DJ (Dennis King) .
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Beach Bars and Guitars: Johnny Russler:
Musician/Songwriter/Lead Vocals with JohnnyRussler and the Beach Bum Band/ - Johnny's show gives you an inside interview from an Artist perspective and knowledge. Trying to keep up with current Trop Rock Events and Artists.

SUNDAY 4pm - Encore Tuesday 7am & Wed. 2 pm (East Coast Time)

Anchor Radio Show: Evan James & 
Co-Host Dawn..
Evan James Professional DJ, Experienced & Trained.
 Team Up with Shore Life Radio every week with their fantastic knowledge, insight and music motivations for your Tropical Destination Station. Interviews, News and Dawn to keep you in the right latitude.
 Oh please don't be offended by any mayhem, emotional bursts or sounds of laughter.....
MON: 1pm & 10pm
Fri:1pm  /  Sat: 4pm