Shore Life Request Hall of Fame

We're pretty proud of our Waders. Every week they hit the website and request their favorite songs, the newest songs, the newest artists, the best Trop Rock. And then we count them down, every week and provide you with an accounting of the 20 top requested artists and their most requested song that week. It's a beautiful thing, completely organic and determined by YOU.

But what do we do when an artist and song take it to the next level? When they so completely dominate for a lengthy period of time. Such accomplishments deserve revels and recognition.

Welcome to the Shore Life Radio Request Hall of Fame 

When an artist and song reach 20 consecutive weeks at #1 we convey a very special honor to that artist. They come here, The Shore Life Radio Request Hall of Fame. We honor that artist with a permanent archive of the accomplishment, a nifty certificate, a great prize or two and our eternal admiration and respect.

The song is then removed from consideration for future Top 20 lists. We'll still play the song when it's requested, it just won't count towards the Top 20 Request list. 

Mack Meadows - 
Island Bound Party Flight
Reached 20 Weeks at #1 on 4/14/17
Inducted in HOF on 4/15/17

You're the first Mack!!!! Congrats!