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Rod Call, owner of Snoloha and a bud has been weaving his tapestry of escapism since 2007. Not content to pitch JUST the tropical variety, Rod sees the big picture. From the Islands to The Arctic and everywhere in between. Whether you're on a tropical beach, sailing on a freshwater lake or on the windswept side of a mountain, escape is where you find it.

No one that I've met can tell that story better than Rod, who has been creating and distributing some great looking apparel and accessories for quite a few years, and it seems like folks are starting to catch on. A few years ago Rod made available a great shirt celebrating Trop Rock music. Well, that design is back and we've got a great opportunity for you to get a great looking shirt, save a bit of cash AND donate to a great cause...

Visit The Trop Rock Shirt Page on the Snoloha Site and place a pre-order (they ship end of May).  
Use the promo code "wnyshore" at checkout and you'll receive $5 off your shirt!

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Now here's the REALLY cool part. Not only do you get a cool shirt and save a little scratch on it, for every shirt that's sold with our promo code we'll donate $5 to The Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that provides programs and services to severely injured service members during the time between active duty and transition to civilian life.

So... What do you do?  

Find out MORE about The Wounded Warrior Project and the great work they do.