Hello from Mark Mulligan!

Buenos dias!  I'd really like to tell you the 5 stitches in my face are a result of getting injured while doing something heroic, and not an altercation with a car door. Not so. And as you may have guessed, the car door won that altercation! (I'd sue myself, but at best would only win a pair of worn out thongs, some tattered tropical shirts, a beat up Nissan and several kids, so scrap that option)
So today I'm breaking out the guitar and working on all those Buffett songs I sang years ago, back when I was a cover song guy. It'll be fun to play 'em again Saturday, this time with steel pan player Susan King and bassist Chuck Gauvin, for a special "Cheeseburger in Paradise" Night 
 Who knows, maybe instead of crashing the 6th row of Jimmy's concert with this sign, my friends Rich and Diane will have to bring it to MY show! If you're in San Carlos, hope to catch you at La Palapa Griega, Sat 5PM
 2 SHOWS AT THE SATISFIED FROG! 4PM & 6:30PM,  $25 Dinner & Show, $35 Limited VIP Seating Dinner/ Show & a Drink! Details HERE
Sat, Feb 23 w/ Kelly McGuire in San Carlos 
March 18-20 Caravan w/ Mark to Banamichi Sonora 
March 24 w/ hit songwriter Thom Shepherd in Phoenix 
March 26 w/ Thom Shepherd in Tubac, AZ
April 5 w/ Mike Nash & Donny Brewer at Rocky Point's SOB Festival
PLUS UPCOMING  TRES AMIGOS SHOWS in Colorado, Southern Cal, Arizona Details about those summer shows w/ Sunny Jim & Kelly McGuire HERE!    Would you like to BOOK A SHOW?
Don't forget, the brand new, all for charity, faith-inspired "Rising Son" CD is now on iTunes! Thanks to those of you downloading my other albums while on there too, since that supports a slightly different non-profit group known as....the Mulligan family!
And a big gracias to Seaside Realty not only bringing Kelly McGuire to San Carlos Feb 23 but also Thom Shepherd March 30! If you're coming to either or both shows, check out their amazing beach rentals HERE