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Large Cocktail (With a Tiny Umbrella).

Live Video, Sugahbeat with UB40:

Sugahbeat--Send your ears on a little vacation...
Stamp your passport at a Sugahbeat show, a musical fusion that embraces a variety of cross-cultural influences featuring steel drums, both male and female vocalists, horns, and traditional instrumentation. Top-notch musicians that are equally diverse in personality deliver it all. The result is a full-on dance session trimmed in smiles and sweat.
Be a musical tourist: Sugahbeat is refreshingly different, seamlessly blending world rhythms with contemporary beats, Reggae with Samba, Pop with Soca (West Indian for "Soul Calypso"), Latin with R&B, until the lines are blurred between them all, creating a distinctive, proprietary sound.
Groove globally, listen locally.Selected List of Appearances:
In 2019 Sugahbeat opened for National Acts UB40 in Tempe, The Revivalists in San Diego, and Matt Nathanson in San Diego.