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December 2010 
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*German Reunion in Paris
Trop Rock Listening Party
Phlock at the Rock
CHPHC B-Day Bash
Laid Back Attack
Pelican Coast Daze
Carnival of Life
Phins to the West
Panana City Rendezvous
Pirate's Ball
Parrothead Cruise 2010
This Hotel Room 
Trop Rock Cruise
New England  PHConvention
Pardi Gras
Trop Rock Music Awards
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Greetings M.A.F.I.A. Family!

2010 Trop Rock Music Awards
What a night!!!!!  Congratulations to ALL of this year's winners, thanks to our host, Jim Hoehn, and all of our award presenters, musical guests, sponsors, volunteers....and most of all, YOU -- the mighty members of the Margarita M.A.F.I.A. Family -- for casting your vote, and shaping the future of Trop Rock.

There were some VERY close results in this year's voting -- one category winner was decided by ONE VOTE!  Several others were within 20 votes, so each vote is very important.

If you weren't there in person for the show on November 5th, (or just want to relive the fun), the results are posted on our website and photos/videos are coming soon! 
In Memoriam

This month, we recognize the passing of two Trop Rock Troubadours:

Though much could be said about their lives and their music, we thought it best to ask you to visit their websites, because we believe that their music says it better than our words ever could. 

You have left us with wonderful memories.  Your music continues to inspire us.  Smooth Sailing....

"I Can" Award
The Trop Rock Music Awards is re-naming the Wave Award (artist community service award). 

It will be now be called the "I Can" Award in honor of Troy Allan's incomparable spirit, and in dedication to all of our MAFIA Family members who may battling issues in their own lives, but continue to be a beacon of hope to those around them. 

His song, "I Can", continues to be a source of encouragement and inspiration.   To view his video, click here.

First Ever M.A.F.I.A. Family Reunion in Paris, France

Our German M.A.F.I.A. family members recently attended a Jimmy Buffett Concert in Paris, and sent us their reunion photo.   Trop Rock music has fans worldwide!  Have you sent us your Family Reunion photos?  Check out the latest Reunion Photos.
It's Renewal Time! 
The holiday season is here, and as another year comes to an end, it means it's also renewal season! 

If you have not yet renewed your membership for 2011, your M.A.F.I.A. membership will expire on December 31st.

We hope you'll stay "on board" with us as we continue our mission to establish Trop Rock as a musical genre, and keep the music going (and growing) for future generations.

All membership renewals include a Margarita M.A.F.I.A. T-shirt, monthly e-newsletters, special updates, and your opportunity to cast your vote in the 2011 Trop Rock Music Awards.

Our 2011 T-shirts are now available on our website in BOTH ladies and mens styles!

Renew by Credit Card
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As we head into our 6th year, the Margarita M.A.F.I.A. continues to grow, and we continue to make Trop Rock a larger part of the musical landscape (or should we say soundscape?)  But we can't do it without your support!

Ho Ho Ho
What better gift for your friends and family, than 12 months of Trop Rock?!?  A membership to the Margarita M.A.F.I.A. is a gift that keeps giving all year long -- monthly newsletters, contests, special updates -- it's the perfect gift for the Trop Rock fans on your holiday shopping list!  Click on the links above for credit card or check processing and the perfect gift will be on its way! (if this is a gift, please be sure to mention in the comment field any special message that you would like to include!)

Wishing you the Merriest of Christmases, and the Jolliest of Holidays!

--The Margarita M.A.F.I.A. Family

2010 Trop Rock Music Awards
Presented by the Margarita M.A.F.I.A
Hosted by PHiP 
Blue Wave Trophy
  Friday, November 5th
Casa Marina Resort
Key West, FL
 Recognizing Trop Rock's  Singers, Songwriters,  DJ's and Events, as voted by their peers....and their fans! 

Catch "The Wave"!

Congratulations to this year's Winners:
Radio Station
Beachfront Radio
Radio Show
Amish Beach Party - DJ Jeff Allen

Live Music Venue
Nav-a-Gator - Lake Suzy, FL

House Concert Venue
Mark & Sharon Leverett/ The Yard/ - Tampa, FL
Event of the Year
Stars Fell on Alabama - Gulf Shores, AL

James "Sunny Jim" White (lead guitar/steel pan) 
Jimmy Parrish & the Ocean Waves Band

Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24

Male Vocalist
James "Sunny Jim" White

Female Vocalist
Michelle Becker of Latitude

Brent Burns
Fan of the Year
Dale & Peach Hench

Brent Burns "I've Got a Beach in My Backyard"

Brent Burns "I've Got a Beach in My Backyard"

Howard Livingston & Mile Marker 24

Wave Award / "I can Award" (Artist Community Service)
Howard Livingston

Host:  Jim Hoehn

Pre-Show Entertainment:
Dennis Davis
Gary Seiler
John Friday
Sam Rainwater

Special Musical Guests:
Brent Burns
Howard Livingston
Jerry Diaz
Jim Hoehn
Rob Mehl
Sunny Jim Band
Tropical Soul

Doyle Grisham  -- Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefer Band
JD Spradlin -- Radio Margaritaville
R Scott Bryan -- Multi-instrumentalist / Producer
Tina Gullickson -- Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefer Band
Tom Corcoran -- Author/Photographer/Songwriter
  2010 Sponsors
Steve & Landa Bosley
  Bud Byram 

Dale & Peach of Flagler Beach
Perry Dickinson
Scott and Brenda Douglas
 Jim & Kathy Duplantis
 Sara & Fred Guerrero
Leigh and Keith Parks
 Radio Trop Rock 
 Ragtop Lori Mae & Papa
Daren & Heather Sarver
Bill and Karen Stewart
Jeff Thompson Agency  
Robert M Winterton, Inc.  
Thanks to all of our Sponsors and Volunteers for making this event possible.    

Upcoming Events

Support Trop Rock Music -- attend one of these great upcoming events!

If you'll be attending any upcoming events, be sure to don your MAFIA WEAR for the Pappazzi at the "Family Reunion"!
Let everyone know about your Family Reunion Photo time/place by listing it in our newsletter, AND by making it a scheduled event at your phlocking.  Add it to your lanyard schedule so NO ONE WILL MISS THE PHOTO!

Note:  Due to space limitations, we can only list events that feature MULTIPLE Trop Rock Artists, but there are great events taking place every week across the country! 

December 31, Cocoa Beach, FL, Trop Stock New Year's Eve
*Family Reunion Coordinator Needed

January 13-16, New Orleans, LA, Pardi Gras
*Family Reunion/Coordinator Needed
January 28-30, Altamonte Springs, FL, Fruitcakes in the Alley
 *Family Reunion/ Coordinator Needed

February 24-27, Windsor, CT, NEPHC --Lovely New England Cruise

*Family Reunion Photo/Coordinator Needed


April 15-17. Panama City Beach, FL --Panama City Rendezvous
Family Photo co-ordinator:  SinCity Lisa

Photo:  Saturday, April 17 at 7pm on the beach by the stage

*Coordinators Needed!  
If you will be attending an upcoming event and would like to help us gather "The Family"  together for a  "Family Photo", email us the time and location.  We'll add it to our Event Calendar and post your photos on our website!  Email us:
Don't forget to send us YOUR "Family Photos"!

Any Events we should know about? Email us:

Artist of the Month -- Matt Wahl

Thanks to Matt Wahl for his GREAT artist interviews over the past year.  Matt has decided to focus on his music, so we are looking for a new host for our interview segment.  Hopefully, we will have more great interviews posted on our website soon!

To find out more about Matt Wahl, click here.

Check out our ENTIRE ARTIST ROSTER with links to their websites:  Click Here 

If you know of a Trop Rock Artist who is writing/producing ORIGINAL Trop Rock music and is not on our Roster, contact them and tell them to get involved! 

This Month's CD Winners 

This month, 0 lucky winners will receive 

Congratulations to this month's winners!
Membership has its privileges! 

The Margarita M.A.F.I.A......It's all about the music!

New Releases 

Here are the latest releases:
(* just added this month!)

November 2010
*Kiss -- James "Sunny Jim" White
*More Palm Trees -- Rick Steffen
*Island Standard Time -- Loren Davidson

October 2010
*Act of Piracy -- Jimmy Parrish & the Ocean Waves Band
Cuban Sugar -- Brent Burns
Cabana Breeze -- John Patti
Greetings From Mulligan's Island" -- Mark Mulligan
The Best of EC -- EC Davis
September 2010
*Christmas In Paradise -- Gene Mitchell
My Life Ain't For Beginners -- Mike Miller
Toes in the Sand -- Gary Seiler
Whitecaps and Nightcaps -- Captain Josh
June 2010
Take Me Back to the Islands -- Gregory B
Margaritas and Moonshine -- Mike Broward

May  2010
Home is My Harbor -- Kevin Mulvenna

April 2010
Working Hard to Do Nothing -- Jim Morris

March 2010
Cruize Control -- Red Sky at Night
Jambo Joe Bones -- Bar On A Beach
Howard Livingston & MM24 Band -- Tunes in a Tropical Key
January 2010
Barefoot Man -- Horses on the Beach
Billy Mitchell -- Trop Trip

For links to these, and all of our MAFIA Artists' websites, please click here.

Artists:  Let us know about your new releases! 
Email us with the following info:
Name of Artist
Name of CD
Release Date 
Then, send your CD to:
Entertainment Alternatives
311 Historic Ln
Pawleys Island, SC 29585

Family Business

We've got "Family" in 48 States, Canada, Germany, Mexico, St. Thomas, Costa Rica and the Cayman Islands!
Our goal:  to reach all 50 states 
What states are we missing?
North Dakota
Check out The Map . 
If you've got friends in states where we don't have any "Family", get 'em involved!


Hit List

This is your chance, to prove that Trop Rock has the numbers to become its own style of music!

Turn up the Volume -- Join our email campaign!

Send an email to the folks on this list requesting that Trop Rock be added to their list of musical genres.  Tell them what you LIKE about their website, and how they can improve on what they're doing by adding Trop Rock!

Hit List

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DJ Request Line
Request a song, artist, make a suggestion or thank them for doing such a great job.

They are our lifeline, so please let 'em know you appreciate 'em!

Satellite Radio

Radio Shows

*Amish Beach Party:  DJ Jeff Allen
*Big Easy Beach Party:  Art Perry
*Big Burrito Radio:  Mad Marty/Johnny Russler

*Island Time Radio Show:  DK the DJ

*Navagator Happy Hour:  Mad Marty / Sure Shot Shelly
*Time After Island Time:  Paul Leslie/Jeff Pike
*Tropicast Radio Showcase:  Jimmy Pirate
Island Time Alaska:  Russ Josephson
One Particular HarbourWKHS:  Patrick Clancy
*Pickle Head Bar and Grill:  Larry Jackson Rochester
Pyrates Behaving Badly:  Cap't Cali and Cheeto Gyrl
*Radio Trop Rock:  Glenn Dale

On-Air and Internet Stations

*Trop Rock 1290AM , Panama City Beach, FL

* denotes MAFIA Family Member Stations
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