Friday, June 26, 2015

Brittany Kingery, Djembabe, & Rob Hill On Tour

"The Shore's" Don da Pyrate declares this the MUST SEE House Concert and show of Summer '15.
Don't miss the incredible talents of these artists, together in an up close and personal musical experience.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bag of Toys

New CD Release!

"Eating Monsters"

Ready for something different? Ready to tap your toes and dance around your cube?  You've found an excuse, and it's "Eating Monsters", from one of the premiere party bands in the US.  
Find it at Amazon, and all the usual digital download sites. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

5 Years 5 Guys = Trop Rock Junkies......

                           Trop Rock Junkies
Steve Tolliver- Greg Sabol- Steve Way- Bill McLees- David Hardy

   Good things come in  groups of 5... The Trop Rock Junkies headed up by Steve Tolliver have been pushing the limits with the edge sound of rock sitting on the beaches. They blend the talents of all 5 band members in every show. Steve really performed and displayed a lighter happier care free side of himself over the past year.

 His performance at Cinnamon Tree HC was more fun than I ever expected with a dance off and Steve himself showcasing the moves. After the show I asked Steve about this wonderful more relaxed style of entertaining. Simple answer - after 5 years of working hard and focusing on the band he can relax cause the Trop Rock Junkies are where he wants to be. There is always gonna be room for improvements Steve quickly added and trying new things will still be done. All I can say is what a Fantastic Five y'all are. Each Junkie brings their own style and musical talent to make one PHintastic Band.
 Steve has decided its all or nothing. The Trop Rock Junkies will be doing house concerts and regular gigs as a full band. We enjoyed having all of the Trop Rock Junkies perform at Cinnamon Tree HC. I do admit I was a little nervous to be hosting a full band in an indoor venue.  
Steve has everything under control - I mean the volume was controlled perfectly and wow was it enjoyable. These guys bring art, talent and fun with them. There is no way a House Concert or Small venue should be scared of hosting this 5 piece band. If you get the chance to enjoy or Host a venue with the Trop Rock Junkies - BOOK IT !!

Follow the Trop Rock Junkies FB  or Steve Tolliver on FaceBook to stay current on shows and events.
Make sure you check out their website at for cds and merchandise.....

  Yes - I am a Trop Rock Junkie fan and love to live the lyrics Steve Tolliver writes ......

Keep Music Alive......
            Cheers Waders.......

            xoxo MillieMarieTaylor
P.S. New Years Eve with Highway1Band
Trop Rock Junkies .......

 Checkout this Highlights video from MOTB 2015....

Lucky in March at Cinnamon Tree....

   Rob Mehl and 
                        Dave McKenney
shared the stage together at Cinnamon Tree HC venue in March. They both show cased their original songs and style rotating with each other. Ever been to the farm cowboy side of Hawaii ? We had that unique experience here at Cinnamon Tree. Both Artists sharing their stories and songs with us as they took us on a coastal transition from West to East. There is no real way to describe the dual culture and lifestyles they brought with them to share with us. 
   Rob Mehl   is always easy on the ears and a fresh flow of music for the mind. Uncle Robbie shares his Hawaiian up bringing and love of beach music with us. You know that cool beach clam bake style of music? Then you must own as many Rob Mehl cds as me. I was told a story of Rob Mehl not being Trop Rock or Beach music. Well some people can tell stories and Rob can sing beach music to us all day.  To just name a few of my favorites is hard - But how about I give you a great example of Rob's beach style with two songs "Walk on the Beach" and "Slow down Summer".  

                              Rob puts a Sea Turtle print on everything. Rob is like that sea turtle - we know he must go travel, but he will wash up again with more song and story. Each return brings a new style to his writing and music. I personally enjoy his jazzy song "Neat with a Twist"  showing he has a mature playful side. Rob is also very popular for his signature style of performing "Somewhere over the Rainbow" on his ukulele. You may have heard Rob singing his song "Waiting on Jimmy".  Enjoy your evening wherever you may hear him. Have Rob Mehl at your next event to enjoy that clam bake beach fire type of evening. Rob loves to talk story and sing his life island style.
             Rob Mehl show cased his latest songs off his "Back Drop" cd. Rob was kind enough to showcase some songs and story for his new cd to come. We at Cinnamon Tree HC love to hear the tweaks and sounds of a new song. Check out Rob Mehl 's website  for all new information and follow Rob Mehl on FaceBook .

Dave Mckenney brought us some East Coast and Local area written songs. Dave brings us the lite side style of a blended folk beach music. Just a touch of country in some of his songs like "Four hour lunch Break". I most certainly consider Dave to be a Tropical Troubadour. I hear Miami Beach evening sounds in "Martin's View" picturing that perfect beach veiw.

I enjoyed the horns used in this song heard on the cd, But the acoustical version was very enjoyable as well.

 "The Inlet" is a local place here called Jupiter FL. Inlet where Dave once lived. It was nice having an Artist sing a local pleasure for us. You could hear folks making inlet plans as Dave finished up the song. 

   That is so wonderful when an artist can move your future plans with just a song. Dave gave us a real grasp on where he has been and where he is headed fare winds allow. We look forward to being apart of Dave's future and hearing his next cd.  
 Dave McKenney gave us just a taste of whats to come after he makes a few more tweaks. Make sure to check "Like" on Dave McKenney's FaceBook.....
   I really enjoy both styles of these Artists and I highly recommend you add  Rob Mehl 's wonderful collection of cds and add Dave McKenney 's "Four Hour Lunch Break" to your Trop Rock cd collection.
            Keep Music Alive... Cheers Waders..xo MillieMarieTaylor