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So, where do those great songs come from?

This weekend is officially Dani Hoy Weekend on Shore Life Radio. Throughout the weekend we'll be doing our part to help Dani celebrate the release of her third disc, "At the End of A Long Road" by playing Dani's self produced CD Release Show featuring Dani herself telling the stories behind the songs. She did a masterful job and we thought we'd post the text of the show here. Listen to Shore Life all weekend as we'll be playing the show multiple times

Friday @ 9am, 3pm and 9pm
Saturday @ 9am, 3pm and 7pm
Sunday @ 9am, 3pm and 7pm

Dani's first single from the disc, "Escape" is also in rotation so hit the request page and have at it.

Hi there! This is Dani Hoy and I'm here to present my new CD to you.

It's called At the End of A Long Road and contains five new original songs.

Officially arriving on my doorstep July 20th, this is my third CD Release since my first release, TropiGal, came out in 2012. It will be available through links on my website, dani hoy dot com, and also from your favorite sources for music such as CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many more.

You can also purchase TropiGal and my last CD Songs of Love and the Ocean from those same sources as well.

All of the songs on the CD were written by me. The music was produced in studio by Kevin Johnston at Orca Sound Studio in Maryland. Kevin got together three awesome musicians for the music track. Dave Roe, on bass, played for Johnny Cash in the 90's before The Man in Black passed on. He and guitar player, Kenny Vaughn, also work with Lucinda Williams who is an influence on my songwriting. Kenny is also the guitarist for Marty Stuart. Drummer Jerry Roe has performed with Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell, among others. Throw in some Kevin on keyboards, percussion and concertina and Rob Thorworth on acoustic guitars and you've got some amazing music. It was a pleasure to sing to the studio tracks for the vocal recording.

At the End of the Long Road is a road trip, so buckle up and let's get started.

The first song on this CD is Escape. It's a song about leaving the cold north and heading south with your best friends to the islands and finding summer.

I was reading a blog before writing this song. Reading blogs can offer inspirational ideas and this particular one was on trends in songwriting. One of the trends was in one word song titles. If you notice there have been recent popular songs with a single word that is evocative, such as "Home" or "Happy." I thought to myself, "What word would I use?" Escape leaped immediately to mind.

I had already been working on a chord progression that I liked and it had a great feel to it. After that it's a matter of figuring out the chorus and where the song will take you. "It's time to escape." Escape what? How?

The song begins with the usual complaint against the cold of winter and the plan to pack clothes and pick up friends for an exciting drive south toward summer. Recently snow storms have been given names of Greek and Roman gods so "Astro, Gorgon, Remus and Juno" are the storm gods that are driving our character in the song southward. From there the song progresses through the verses and chorus to bring us state line to state line into the south, to the islands, and summer.

I hope you enjoy this song and it helps you escape. Here it is.

Back Country Pontoon Party

Welcome back. The next song on my CD is called Back Country Pontoon Party.

Here in the Keys we live on a string of archipelago islands made of coral rock. We live on a reef. It's a tenuous relationship with weather and wildlife, exotic and beautiful.

One of the absolute best things you can do when you visit the Keys is to go out on the water, whether it be a kayak, paddle board, personal water craft or boat. It's an amazing experience.

Last year a group of friends and I took several excursions out on a pontoon rental boat, first to Picnic Island, which is close to Big Pine Key, and then to Marvin Key which is northwest of Sugarloaf Key. Both Picnic Island and Marvin Key are uninhabited but desirable to go to because of the sandbar.

A sandbar is an area of beach that appears and disappears with the tides. Boaters of all kinds load up their water crafts with food, drinks, floatation devices, snorkel gear, etc., and motor out to the sandbar to hang out in the warm, shallow water and just relax. Oh yea. They also bring their dogs with them.

The company we rented from is called Back County Boat Rentals. Find them on Facebook. You can rent their double decker pontoon with the double slides off the back for a whole or half a day. While sitting up top on one trip out I thought, "Back Country Pontoon Party." I had a chorus pretty quickly. "A boatin' floatin' good time." It was. I took this chorus home with me and came up with the rest.

Enjoy Back Country Pontoon Party! See you afterwards for the next song.

Not Enough Rum

Not Enough Rum is a song about rum and not having enough of it. Ha ha. Really, it's a country song about about loneliness and separation. And rum.

I was traveling when the idea came to me about someone sitting in a bar while on the road, thinking about a distant lover. The singer is in a "sad little place on the lost end of town. Adrift in a bottle of Captain Morgan…" Being apart for long periods of time, not knowing how things will turn out. Rum isn't helping to wash away the pain. My ship, she has capsized. I've run aground. I used a familiar pattern for the music, three quarter time, something more wistful. Waltz time is great for that. Think of "Tennessee Waltz" and the John Prine song "Paradise."

The song comes back full circle and the singer is leaving for some other location, vowing to sail with the Captain until they have drown.

Not Enough Rum. Thanks for listening!

Coffee Drinking Girl

OK, we're back. I'm Dani Hoy and you're listening to my new CD, At the End of A Long Road.

By the way, I love coffee. I have a couple of cups each morning, relishing the hot, black beverage as I check Facebook and my Gmail. I don't put anything in it. I prefer the full bodied flavor, strong and bold, no sugar or cream, please. If you make it right, it doesn't need any enhancement. That means good cold water, freshly ground beans, heaping scoops of coffee into the filter.

Coffee Drinking Girl is about a girl who is sure of herself. Bold and robust as her cup of coffee. She don't mess around but she's a lot of fun. High energy, for sure. She could fly around the world with all that caffeine in her.

The song is in blues form, upbeat and energetic, like the drink. Hope you enjoy it!


Finally, we have Status.

This song is very different for me. It's a dark blues tune, introspective, a look at direction. "Traveling down this road to me." Life is full of self discovery, change and regret. A life without these things is hardly a life at all. Have I come to the right place? It's hard to say.

I often choose to write from a deeply personal perspective. At times that can be somewhat confessional but I think it's important to share what's in my heart and on my mind with the listener. We've all been in difficult and unfamiliar territory. We all share that feeling of not knowing if we made the right choice. Being human is to dwell at times in uncertainty.

Give it a listen… The answer lives in a song.

The End

Our little road trip is now at an end. Thank you so much for listening to and I hope you enjoyed my new CD, At the End of A Long Road. The CD will be available beginning July 20th, 2016, and features the five songs you've just heard. Downloads will be available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and all of your favorite music sites. You can order At the End of A Long Road and my previous CDs on CD Baby or through my website, Dani Hoy dot com. If you have any questions, contact me at


Top 20 Requests for the Week ending 7-15-16

Thursday, July 14, 2016

With Sadness and Appreciation

Our condolences go out to family, friends and fans of Trop Rock "elder statesman" Jim Morris who left us on July 13th 2016 after suffering a brain aneurysm while in Seattle, Washington for Laid Back Attack this past weekend.

While we're very sad to have lost such a great artist and person we take solace in the fact that he left us an incredible catalog of material that will continue to make us smile for many years to come.

Raise a glass to Jim Morris. Sail On, we will never forget.

Mulligan & Sunny Jim in Colorado AND California!

Gang, before I share with you the info about next week's Colorado shows, please keep Florida singer-songwriter Jim Morris in your thoughts and prayers. He remains unconscious following a catastrophic brain aneurisym on the way to last weekend's Laid Back Attack event in Washington. Today, my friend James "Sunny Jim" White took his guitar bedside to play his old buddy some songs and bring a smile to Sharon, Jim' wife who is by his side. Prayers go out for Jim from his many friends and fans everywhere.
 Speaking of Sunny Jim, this award winning artist and all around great guy joins me in Denver (Highland Ranch) July 19, then at the Chief Theatre in Steamboat July 20, followed by Colorado Springs July 22. Details about those, plus my "Return to Coyote Creek" show at a GREAT concert venue in Elizabeth CO Sat July 30, HERE
Southern Cal and AZ friends, we're coming your way too! Catch us in San Diego Aug 20, then Huntington Beach 8/21, AND Arizona's big Parrot Grande event Aug 26-27! Details about all, plus upcoming Texas and Florida shows, HERE
Last chance to score that one Mulligan CD you still haven't picked up for just $9.99, w/ FREE shipping!  With more than a dozen to choose from, there's gotta be one you haven't yet heard. Save $ while you can by clicking HERE  OR, DOWNLOAD CDs NOW 
Thanks to you AND my wonderful sponsors below!  Remember, Seaside Realty sends me over to sing for you when you score that dream beach home in Mexico! (Just click the logo below) Mark

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Peter Mayer: Morning Star Newsletter - July 2016 Edition

Welcome to The Morning Star...
the occasionally updated newsletter of the Peter Mayer Group
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Peter Mayer in Johnson City, TN


Hello to all of you. Summer is officially here!!!! I know the weather has been hot hot hot out west, and rains have been pouring non stop in some areas. Our hearts go out to all those experiencing severe flooding this year. In Tennessee we've experienced hot muggy July days with non-stop green in the woods where I walk with my two dogs every day.

We just had two fabulous Fourth of July weekend shows, one in Johnson City, TN; followed by a show at the Ritz Carlton Resort in Greensboro, GA, on beautiful Lake Oconee. Thanks to Kalonn and Keith and all our friends and to Chris, Brendan, Zeb and Miles, Beth and Chad, the terrific band and crew that I'm privileged to work with every night.

Brendan and I head out on Saturday for a five-show run to Louisville, KY; a private show, Columbus, OH; and Baltimore, MD. We look forward to seeing you our friends on the road!!

IPM Trip to India!

There is still space available for anyone interested in the trip to India in November with yours truly and a crew of fellow travelers. Here are some of the trip details:
International Partners In Mission's (IPM) Director, Joe Cistone, approached me this year about co-leading an immersion trip to India to visit some of the partner projects that IPM is involved in. My initial response was, with touring and the schedule we have going, I don't think the time is going to work out in our favor. But then a few thoughts crossed my mind: This year marks (believe it or not) the 50th year of my family's return from India. I have wanted to take a trip back, but in all these years I haven't done it, so… if not now, when???

The result of all this thinking sealed my decision to join IPM for a trip to India this year! The outlined dates are November 8th through the 18th. (There might be an adjustment by a day or two on the end date, but this is the proposed time block).      

The reason I'm telling you, my friends, about this is that there will be a limited number of openings available for those of you would be interested in joining us on this incredible immersion trip. Obviously, there is information to share and there are plenty of details to get straight, but first the following thoughts:

I'm embarking on this trip because I support the work that IPM does in the world to make a difference! As the years go by, my hope is to be a part of that difference, that two-way street that changes people and the circumstances they live with for the better. The more I travel, the more I see a need to be involved in work that doesn't just target funds for a project, but that works hand-in-hand in partnership to form relationships that build the world from the inside out as a sustainable, peaceful, hopeful and ever better place for our children.

While we will see southern India, the people, the beautiful country, small town and big city, the many varieties of Indian culture, language and cuisine, the purpose of this trip is not simply to sight see but to share a unique window into the lives of people where IPM has project partners and hear the stories - see the lives that are being touched by people working together.

I'm going to bring a guitar, and hope to share some songs along the way, and get a chance to play some music with Indian musicians. You never know what could happen, but I'm confident this will be the trip of a lifetime.

I am well aware that this may not be the trip for just anyone, but, if you are intrigued and want further information on this, there is contact info below and we can start the conversation!!
Interested parties  should contact:
Alyssa Bovell
Tel: +1.216.932.4082

20 slots are available.
A waiting list after initial 20 slots are filled.

Every potential participant should send a two paragraph summary on why they would like to be part of the Immersion. What motivates them to attend and prior experience with/openness to daily reflections in a shared group setting.

The cost of the trip will range between $4500 - $4900, dependent upon airfare & itinerary.

Included in this price is: three meals per day, translators, overnight accommodations, cultural excursions, project donations, and all air and ground transportation.

 Not included in the price is: immunizations, medications, mosquito repellent and/or netting, visa charges, snacks, souvenirs, and travel expenses to get to and from airport in the US.

  $900 deposit to hold your spot should be mailed to IPM with your two paragraph summary to:

3091 Mayfield Road, Suite 320
Cleveland Heights, OH  44118 USA

"Turn the Table" Interview with Roger Guth

I've had the chance to do many interviews. People ask questions about this or that music or life on the road. I've always enjoyed talking through these stories, but I thought it would be fun to start a feature in the Morning Star where yours truly gets to interview a friend, a fan, a Little Flock co-worker, or fellow musician -- it could be anyone that offers an insight and a different perspective on the person-to-person gears that turn the days and nights of life into a musical adventure of years. This issue features Q&A with longtime friend, colaborator and bandmate, Roger Guth.

PM: "Tin Roof" is your new album. Many of your fans know you by your first two albums, "Scotch" and "Cowboy Ballet?" This album contains six instrumental pieces…what motivated you to go in this direction?
Roger: It's mostly just wanting to do that kind of music for so long. When we came up with the tunes (Roger came up with initial chord ideas and melody and then he and I got together to work on finishing the songs together) and they started developing, I felt like a project like this could really work. You start to hear it, and you love it. I wasn't seriously planning an album's worth of material until we worked on it. After we got together for the first time, it turned into something real. I started to get the confidence to keep going.

PM: The songs on this album are a more symphonic musical journey, Were they written on piano?
Roger: Yes

PM:  What is the process? How do you begin?
Roger: There's an element of fiddling around on the piano, you come up with an idea and say, "cool," then one direction leads to the next. When you arrive at a chord or set of changes you like, you build on that. I didn't pre plan the songs.

PM: What about the complexity of the pieces as a whole for the composers out there who wonder "How does that happen?"
Roger: On New July I had two different parts, I started to wonder what would happen if I put them together.

PM: When Roger and I worked on these pieces, part of my role was to work on some of the seams and transitions between sections, or provide a melody or countermelody behind a chord theme.  We talked about the writing relationship that works so effortlessly between us. I'm thankful for that.

What struck me talking to Roger is he reiterated the importance in song writing of getting bits and pieces you like – fall in love with, so that you want to hear them again. But it's more than the cool scraps. The real work is having the ears to choose bits and pieces that serve the songs and stories, where they bring something special to the song as a whole, rather than just to be "a great chord."  Roger said, "I have many scraps which are unwritten pieces which will be saved for more songs next time."

PM: Is this composing difficult for you, or easy?  Roger did not hesitate for a second.
Roger: Definitely fun, the process, It is pure, like playing with art, It's knowing this tune isn't meant for anyone or anything else but this moment. When I played something I liked I felt like…those chords are bitch, I don't care who likes them. That's the only way you get it to happen like that.  Once you have that momentum, amazing things happen.

PM: I want to add for Rog, that I got plenty of calls from him at 10 o'clock at night with ideas about how to better move or realize these songs; so, to all the fun and ease of this process, I want to add that I witnessed much patience, persistence and stubborn determination that made the notes we played turn to music.

For those of you who haven't gotten a chance to purchase your own autographed copy of "Tin Roof," order online at: .
Digital distribution is available through .
PM:  Do you have plans to play this music in live performance?
Roger: Yeah, I hope soon.

PM: Roger and I have talked about several options for the not too distant future that would give the musicians involved in the record a chance to play it live.
Your first two albums featured your voice on each song. Do you plan to follow "Tin Roof" with any more vocal albums? I ask this because people on the road ask me and request it.
Roger: Let's just say I don't plan never to do it. I have been thinking more of writing songs as they come, like 'Summer Tan' and then releasing them as singles rather than waiting till I have a whole album.

PM: The recording of "Tin Roof," done in Nashville, but many of the musicians: Jim Mayer, Jay Oliver, Tom Kennedy, Chris Walters, you not only have not worked with for quite a while but they are connections to our beginnings in St. Louis, with the bands PM and Left Lane. Other musicians such as Eric Darken, John Lovell and Mac McAnally currently work with us in Jimmy Buffett's band. What motivated you to reach back and into the future at the same time?
Roger: I wanted to play with Tom Kennedy, Jay, Jim, Eric, Mac, Chris and John and you (PM) because they were the best for this music. Songs like 'The Hougie,'  or  '#3 'or 'New July' would not have come together the same way without the talents of these players.

If any of you have not had the opportunity to hear this music please take a chance on it. It is beautifully written and performed and is a beautifully recorded work thanks to Chris Stone and Alan Schulman. All of us were happy to be involved in this project! Thanks Rog. PM
Jim Mayer, Jay Oliver, Peter Mayer, Roger Guth.
This is the band that made the "PM" record.
Peter and Roger in the studio.
Tom Kennedy licking Jim Mayer's ear, Chris Walters peeing in his pants.
The band on Tin Roof, from Left: Chris Walters, Tom Kennedy, Roger Guth, John Lovell, Jim Mayer, Peter Mayer. Jay Oliver is missing as is Mac McAnally and Eric Darken.

For the Record

So many of you have told us you are enjoying the Mayer Kirby Mayer album recorded at Meeting of the Minds last year. Thanks for the huge response to a song we wrote for the event. It was born in a happy accident when Scott Kirby, Brendan and I were asked to play the event that celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Key West in Spanish is Cayo Hueso, and the Casa Marina Resort is grand central station for the week, so we took a few liberties, put the words in a blender and called the song; "La Casa Cayo Hueso," or "House of Key West." I came up with a melody and some chords, Scott sent a lyric by email of the first couple verses; we sent the song back and forth a few times by email and it was done. The last finishing touches were done just a few hours before our first performance that day in Key West. Thanks to all the folks at Radio Margaritaville for keeping the song on the airwaves and to you friends for requesting it! Here is a link to the demo that Scott and I passed back and forth …still a work in progress.

July Schedule

July 11 – Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza and Live Music; Worthington, OHPeter and Brendan Mayer return to Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza and Live Music venue.  Join them for a great night of music! Tickets are available online.

July 29 – Blueberry Hill; St. Louis, MO

We're back in our hometown! Join us at one of our favorite spots, The Duck Room at Blueberry Hill.  Brendan Mayer to open the show, followed by the Peter Mayer Group. Come join us for a night at the inimitable Duck Room, a St. Louis classic. This time we are doing something completely different and will perform the entire "Green Eyed Radio" Album front to back, followed by an array of favorites from over the years. Don't miss this one of a kind performance of Peter Mayer's first solo album featuring the following songs: 'Green Eyed Prelude,' ' All The Tea In China,' ' Shall We Dance,' 'Send Me The Love,' 'In The Meantime,' 'The Onion,' 'Michaelangelo,' 'Under Your Spell,' 'One And One Makes Three,' 'Suzannah,' 'Funny,' 'Blue River,' 'The Green Eyed Radio.'
Tickets are available here.
***DVR Alert!  Peter will be performing on The Today Show (with Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band) that morning, but will be in hometown St. Louis in plenty of time for the show at Blueberry Hill!***

July 30 – The Mill; Iowa City, IA
We're making our debut at The Mill on July 30th and we hope to see you all there! Joining me on stage is Chris Walters on keyboard, Brendan Mayer on guitar, Zeb Briskovich on bass and Miles Vandiver on drums.

Sponsored in part by Isle of Iowa Parrot Head Club.
This show is for ages 19 and over.
Tickets are available here.
IPM Benefit Concert
Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Benefit Concert for IPM
The Asticou Inn
15 Peabody Drive
Northeast Harbor, Maine

Peter Mayer, lead guitarist & vocalist for Jimmy Buffett
Jim Mayer, bass guitar and  Brendan Mayer, guitar & vocals

6:00 Caribbean Party

7:00  Concert
post show meet and greet with the band

More information at
Call Rosalie at our Northeast Harbor office 207.801.9020
$150 Caribbean Party & post show meet the band
$50 Concert @ 7pm

IPM (International Partners in Mission) works across borders of faith, culture, and economic circumstance with children, women, and youth to create partnerships that build justice, peace, and hope.