Saturday, March 28, 2015

Shore Staff Bios: Millie Marie Taylor

The newest member of our  little family is decidedly more feminine, but can still drink Jim and Don under the table.

Name: Millie Marie Taylor

Born: Houston ,Texas

Raised: Austin Texas

Current Residence: Jensen Beach, FL

Hometown: I still call both Austin Texas, and Valparaiso Florida, my hometowns. Texas taught me my great “childhood to young lady” lessons. Florida living matured and shaped me into the grown women I am today.

How long a Parrot Head? I am still a young Parrot Head. The past 5 years have been all about learning and joining the "Party with a Purpose". This sounds funny but it's true. I didn't know what I know now.

How did I get to be a Parrot Head? My husband and I were on the down hill side to planning our retirement life in Jensen Beach, and leaving a little room in our lives for new adventures. My aunt CC introduced me to a whole new world of music and color. I had a hard time catching up, and joining a local Parrot Head Club. I was finally enjoying live music at The Deck in Stuart, Fl. I loved that when in phlocks, these colorful folks were always drinking, dancing, and just being happy. I met Bill and Karen Stewart, and with great pride, joined the Treasure Coast Parrot Head Club.

Dirty little musical secret: I have no skills to play any instruments. I am kind of okay at shaking shakers, but I lose the beat while dancing. All my life, I have had a lot of fun with music. I have danced ballet (learned I'm not graceful), tapped my way down a hill backwards (with sparks trailing behind me), and I even joined the choir at school ( did not know you could be asked to leave a volunteer position). All of this could not tame my silly, clumsy and just out spoken side. I was never the class clown, but I didn't go unnoticed. I can, and have, won bar tabs at Karaoke contests. I just love to listen to happy music, and dancing around the house or wherever. Trop Rock is happy music for me. Give me tropical tourist songs all day. I live in the best hidden beach town in the world, but we still have tourists and snowbirds. I love to play tourist everyday and enjoy my happy tropical music. That's why I am on “The Shore”.

Boxers or briefs? I don't watch boxers much or own a boxer dog, and I have never been accused of being brief.

My favorite drink: It would be so much shorter for me to answer this by saying Miller Lite (draft,can,bottle); spiced rum (mixed or shaken); whip cream vodka (w/pineapple juice& a cherry), can always be found near me or on me.

Last book I read: I can't remember the last book I've sat down and read. I do enjoy reading and surfing the web for updates and new info about artists and music venues.

Best experience you don't remember: Not sure.... It might be the rumors or gossip that keeps me fuzzy laughing with this one particular story. The story I was told goes something like: After “DD'ing” (drinkin' & dancin') at a Jimmy Buffett concert, I was stopped while leaving with half a beer, and asked to throw it away. Well, I drank the rest of the beer and tossed the container into the trash. While I thought I was leaving the venue gate, I was really being lead to a holding area for "drinking without an ID". I kept telling the female cop my name and birthday to assure her that I was old enough. This never works well, with 40 other innocent people yelling their truthful, "I didn't do anything wrong". I was finally escorted, with five others, all wrist banded together, to a large multiple seat golf cart, and plastic banded to the cart's side rails. A wonderful incredible hulk of a friend of ours came over, and with a few strokes of his pocket knife, freed me and flung me over his shoulder. He carried me to the 16 passenger van we all came in. I thanked him with a kiss and told him he saved me from going to jail. Two seconds later I was snoring all the way back to Florida. There are 4 versions of this story and all are very similar. Other parts of the story have me dancing and drinking with a priest, mud wrestling with some others (cause it was just rainy and slippery), and crying, “I can't go to prison”, ect.

Shore Staff Bios: Don Da Pyrate (Don Winfield)

You hear them on the radio but who really ARE the personalities that make up the staff at The Shore?

A short biography of the way too long and storied life, of a gnarly pyrate:

Name: Don “da Pyrate” Winfield

The Early Years: He was born in Binghamton, NY, and raised in a humble home on a dirt road, eight miles from Binghamton, NY. The Winfield clan consisted of both parents and eight progeny. Don da Pyrate was the youngest of the bunch.

Don lived in that house until he joined the U.S. Army at age 18. His primary school years were unremarkable. Learning came easy, so his books were always turned in new, at the end of each year.

The Middle Years: A fairly routine life of working, living, and learning. Business owner, corporate manager, mental health professional.

The Latter Years: After leaving the working world, Don settled into a life of writing fiction and then, suddenly his reverie was interrupted by a miscalculation. He miscalculated that his note to “The Shore” would ever be read, and that if so, it wouldn't simply be ignored. The infamous note to The Shore was critical of some of the programming, and the big kahuna must have thought that if I could do any better, I should step up. Jimmy asked me to get involved as an admin on The Shore's facebook page. Things went downhill from there, and here I am.

Musical Secret: Life long Warren Zevon fan. Warren's words have seen me through a lot of life and made things go a lot smoother than they may have.

Boxers or Briefs? Commando in a kilt! (Briefs, generally.)

Fave Drinks: A.) Party time: Margaritas B.) Cocktail time: Vodka Martini (Tito's Handmade Vodka, from Austin TX is the best!) C.) Only one beer will do (rare occasion) = Dos Equis (green bottle/no lime)

Last Book Read: (by a mainstream author) – John Grisham's “Gray Mountain”

Experiences I Don't Remember? I forget....hummmmm......

Thursday, March 19, 2015

MOTB 2015 Recap....

The best Trokkin' day of my life was coming a Shore..... The Trok Fests and Events are just the best way for us in radio or working for magazines to meet the Phlockers, Paradise Crew and Waders that enjoy our "Shore to Shore News" show and the many Tropical adventure stories from . Thank you to all the Volunteers and Sponsors for putting on such a fully loaded packed tropical music venue. Special Thanks Tampa Bay PHC, The Villages PHC and Sarasota PHC for all your hard work and great times.

Please check out a recap of the fun that was had by all....