Lone Star Luau Deadline Fast Approaching!

Thom Shepherd Howdy y'all!  Writing from my satellite office at Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort. If you look closely, you can see our house from here, over by the lake (yeah right...) My son said "Dad, let's ski!" I said "I have a lot of work to do today." He said "Bring your laptop!" I said "Done!" The boy is a genius!

The deadline to have an ad in the Lone Star Luau program is TUESDAY JAN 6! If you'd like to advertise in our program, rates are $175 for 1/4 page, $250 for half page, $500 for full page and $1000 for back cover. VERY EXCITED to announce our title sponsor, Chopin Imports! They make potato vodka (swear it's a coincidence #idaho) and lots of other great products, which you will be able to sample at the Luau. 
We are nearing a sellout once again! Better get your tickets now!
Had a spectacular Christmas break - our friends Johnny Doo and Dana came up to Sandpoint and we skied, threw axes, dra…

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