Saturday, May 21, 2016

Top 20 Requests for the week ending 5-20-16

Another great week! Love to see when brand new stuff makes the Top 20. Congrats Robin Tricker, BoDean, Max Soelzer and ALL who made the Top 20 this week including our #1 for the second week in  row Donny Brewer!!!

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Sauce Boss: Summer Once More

Sauce Boss

Summer Once More

Tour Schedule: Carrabelle, Pensacola Beach, Orange Beach, Tallahassee, Chester, SC, Raleigh, Ashland, VA, Washington DC, Kent Narrows MD, Ellicottville NY, Sharon PA, Warren OH, Buffalo NY. More to come.
Celebration of the Life and Music of Majic John
June 5  The Junction @ Monroe  6 – 9 PM

John Michael Jones 1948-2016
Intelligent, funny,  kind, generous, and musically gifted are a few words that come to mind. He was a good man. I first played with Majic John in 1967. Over the next few decades, we did occasional gigs together, played in a few bands together, until 1993, when he became my full time bass player. We spent sixteen years traveling all over the states, as well as Canada and Europe. He was always ready to jump in the van, or hop a flight. He loved to travel to new places, to see the sights, taste the food, and sip the wine and whiskey. We had a real good time. So with tears  of sorrow and joy, I must say, "Bon voyage, my brother".
Big Dog CD
"Let the Big Dog Eat" rears its head once more. Albert Castiglia (That's Ka-Steel-Ya) is about to release his latest CD featuring my tune, Let the Big Dog Eat. The song has already debuted at #1 on XM Radio.   It's done me well: It was used by Jonathan Demme in his movie, "Something Wild". It was also covered by Alex Taylor (James Taylor's brother). "Let the Big Dog Eat" was also featured on Jimmy Buffett's "Late Night Menu at the Margaritaville Cafe" CD. And NOW… Albert does a smokin version of the tune. He would come to see me play at Tobacco Road when he was a boy. Now he's a Big Dog. Congratulations Albert.
NAZDOROVYE Russian House
307 East 5th Street Austin, TX 78701   512-428-5442
Right next to Antone's in Austin, Texas, this is a culinary oasis in a neighborhood of over priced tourist traps. It's like visiting your  Russian relatives at supper time.  All things Russian decorate  the place. The coat rack is full of Russian military coats. The ambience is steeped in the dark atmosphere of some really thick novel, heavy with  what has happened. Like Doctor Zhivago could walk in the door and sit down to dinner. And the bar is…vodka. They gave us free shots.
I had to try the Borsch.  Delish!  So for a couple of bowls of soup, sauerkraut, bread, and the shots, we got out of there for around $20.
The Wild…
This hawk perched next to the pond behind my studio was curious. I stood within eight feet of him for fifteen minutes and we had a moment of checkin each other out. I've had so many close encounters with "The Wild". When I was a kid I spent a great deal of my time exploring the swamps around my home in Longwood, Florida. There I found a deep respect for the gators, snakes, fowls, and all critters that populated the dark and murky environs. They were real. They showed me awareness of the viscerality of life in the swamp.  I carry that awareness with me to this day. I am wild.
Once I saw a moose in the Grand Tetons. I had been warned to not get too close, especially if it's a cow and calf together. They can be very dangerous.
I moved closer to get a better look. I got a pretty good picture of her.
Just chillin, havin a drink o that pure Teton stream.
She was oblivious to my presence.
Then she looked up. Straight at me.
Continuing to drink, she kept an eye on me.
Then she turned around.
That's when I noticed the calf.
Cute little Bullwinkle.
Mom continued to drink.
So baby moose wants something to drink also.
As the calf approaches mom, she looks straight at me…
Then she walks toward me. She's checkin me out.
Just then the calf runs to mother.
Uh Oh…
Good Stuff!
So Mom takes a look around, checkin me out… then… she…
With her eyes on me and calf in tow.
She ran right past me.  Her calf is on her heals. And I'm here to tell you bout it. WOW!!!!!
Summer Fruit Salad

Use what you have, and what you can get. The blackberries, basil (African, Thai, and Italian), and guava flowers are from the yard. Then there's mango, orange, lemon, grapefruit, and apple.  and lemon juice squeezed over the whole thing. Y'all have a salad of a Summer. Let the Big Dog Eat!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Your Top 20 Requests for week ending 5/13/16

Another week is coming to a close and we have another #1. Congrats to Donny Brewer!!!! Keep requesting.

Hello From Sam Rainwater - Music Newsletter May 13, 2016

It has been a wonderful spring and now we are getting ready to record my latest CD  "Cheaper Than Ice"
Elizabeth & I plan a summer tour from California through Oregon, Washington to Vancouver and then East to Edmonton & Calgary and then back through the Mountain States to Arizona. Already booked dates are shown below.
I'm looking for House Concerts this summer. Contact me if you can help!
Currently at $138,000 to charity from my music!

is released and available Everywhere!! CD Baby Amazon, my Web Site, The BeachFront Music Hut, ....... 
Cheaper Than Ice available June 15th

San Carlos Country Club
May 26, June 2, 9
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
'Cheaper Than Ice'
CD Release & Summer Tour
Booked Dates below  

Saturday June 18th
CD Release Party
with Arizona Parrott Head Club – Open to the Public
Details to follow

Friday June 24th
House Concert
High Desert Parrot Head Club Apple Valley CA
Details to follow

Saturday June 25th
House Concert
Parrot Head Pirates of the California Delta
Details to follow

July 7 - 10
Olympia Washington - I'll be attending this fun event and

Saturday July 30
House Concert
Near Edmonton Alberta Canada
Details to follow

Saturday August 6th 2PM till 9PM
Wasatch Mountain Parrot Head Club
Canyon Rim Park, West Pavilion, Salt Lake City

Friday August 12th
York Nebraska Elks Club

Help! I'm still looking for shows in
Colorado & New Mexico
During Mid-August J
August 26 &27
Parrot Grande
Arizona Parrot Head Club

Friday November 25
World Premiere of the Symphony Movement
based on my Song Sonora – with Omar Arriega & the Azteca Orchestra & Choir
San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas, Sonora Mexico - Standby for more detail

Cheaper Than Ice CD Release – Key West
During MOTM
Location/Date TBD

If you like or want to hear my music -
please request it from the Internet Radio stations listed at the bottom.
You'll be doing me a big favor - it's one way I pick up new fans! - Thanks




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Amazing guest artists joining Mark Mulligan!

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Hi gang, hey not only are incredible singer-songwriters like Kelly McGuire, James "Sunny Jim" White, Rob Mehl, and David Sheehy joining me for upcoming U.S. shows, but I'll be joined by several amazing guests this week alone. Check 'em out!
What a voice! Lorena Robles joins me in San Carlos Wed 5:30PM at La Palapa Griega!
I'll return to La Palapa Griega Mothers Day (Sun, May 8th 6PM) with Efrain Giaccoman of Mexico's legendary "The Twins!"
And speaking of "The Twins",.they join me Mon May 9th for a FUN unplugged show on "A Beach Down in Mexico", 45 min from San Carlos at my old stomping grounds of Playa Cochorit!  Just 25 bucks (400 pesos) includes round trip bus, our show, AND all the beer you'd like! I'll be pouring a sample of some authentic Mexican "bacanora" to each guest! (Hey, it's not like you're driving) Bring your appetite 'cause seafood lunch will be available starting at just 7 bucks! No cars, bus space limited, reserve at
No, she won't be singing, but I just love this pic of Elsa w/ her friend Rosy, just after rounding up a horse from a couple cowboys on a recent group trip to Banamichi, Sonora. You can take the girl out of Navojoa, but you can't.....
Hey, great time to pick up that one CD you don't have, with a $9.99 sale on all of 'em PLUS a return of the 6 for $50 special....FREE SHIPPING on all! ORDER HERE
Thanks for your support, it keeps tacos on the table! And thanks to my wonderful sponsors below. (Don't forget, Seaside Realty puts on a party and sends ME over when you buy that dream Mexico beach home through them!)


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