Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Shore Plays Bob Durand's New Cd "Just Another Day"


Bob’s New CD – Just another Day – is available!

This project came together as I tried to put my own spin on Trop Rock Music. Just as there are many sub-genres of rock music, Trop Rock also has its unique segments. As I see it, Trop Rock represents a state of mind, a state of place. It makes me think of the water, the sky, the sand and the sun and stars. I personally don’t feel that it needs steel drums or ukuleles as long as it takes you to that place you love to run away to.

The album title and the title track refer to my own procrastination—the concept that I can do anything I want if you just give me one more day. Well it took me a long time, but that day finally came. I hope you enjoy my personal take on music from my happy place—the beach.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Keith Sykes "Come As You Are Beach Bar"

Keith Sykes to release EP, Songs From A Little Beach Town, on April 22, 2016 via KSM Entertainment.
Isla Public Relations

The lead single “Come As You Are Beach Bar” now available for streaming

Memphis, TN (April 12, 2016) – Memphis-based singer songwriter Keith Sykes is releasing Songs from a Little Beach Town an extended play (EP) recording on April 22 and the songs pay homage to coastal life and the people who make their homes by the sea.

The first single “Come As You Are Beach Bar,” was officially released last month and the music video, shot on location at various Caribbean locations, is getting great reviews online.

Every year, Keith spends the winter in a little beach town somewhere in Texas. He holes up for a month, with the salty air and his guitar, unloading his mind of all the half-written lyrical lines and lonely guitar licks a year can bring. A very successful songwriter for big names in the Nashville music industry, Sykes says being in a little beach town, there’s a certain stripe of song he just can’t help but write: beach songs.

And so, this is the story of how a former member of Jimmy Buffet’s Coral Reefer Band came to write a sublime, transporting EP called Songs From A Little Beach Town.

“I’ve always had a natural tie to a certain kind of music anyway, even before I was a Coral Reefer,” Sykes says. “Because of my love of the islands, the little beach towns, and the people I meet when I’m in that environment.”

“Come As You Are Beach Bar,” is the story of some of those people. It came to life out of a snippet of guitar, Sykes says. “That’s what I had first, just a little guitar thing that I liked.”

Next thing he knew, he was waxing on the tale of Captain Bobby and a dive bar whose characters he paints so vividly you can almost feel yourself sitting next to them at the bar, salt spray and stale beer hanging in the air.

There’s a different feel to this song – Sykes is playful in his phrasing, almost spoken word – an indication that after more than 40 years in the business, Keith Sykes isn’t slowing down or taking it easy. He’s looking for new sounds, new ideas and new challenges. He’s risen to this one with splendid result.

Keith Sykes and his pals celebrated the release of the single "Come As You Are Beach Bar" with a party at the Warehouse in downtown Memphis, and at the same time the Memphis music industry honored Keith’s contributions to music by inducting him into the Beale Street Brass Note Walk of Fame. Beale Street is the most famous street in Memphis and musicians, DJs, songwriters, promoters, and other music supporters are honored with a personalized brass note embedded in the sidewalks along Beale Street. With his own brass note, Keith Sykes joins music greats that include Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Otis Redding, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins.

Songs From A Little Beach Town is a perfect snapshot: sublime and sunny, the songs almost float. The title track “Little Beach Town,” “The Best Day” and the simple, sincere love song “I Pick You” round out the track list. Sykes recorded the EP in Nashville with engineer/producer Brent Maher (The Judds, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson) and a roster of some of the city’s best backing him up: Nir Z. (drums and percussion), Willie Weeks (bass), Bobby Ogden (piano and organ), Brent Mason (electric guitar) and Thom Flora (backing vocals). Downloads will be available on iTunes and Amazon.

With this EP, Sykes has dropped his suitcases in the trop rock world – fans will surely hope that this visit isn’t over too soon. For more information on Keith Sykes visit his website, call 901.867.7175 or e-mail

Media Contact: Adela G. White,, 941.350.8735.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Top 20 Request Policies and Procedures

Just in case you're interested....

Here is how we've decided to tabulate our Top 20 Requests.
(so you know we're not sitting around making this stuff up.)

  • The request period reported on each week will be Friday at 12:00am (midnight) through Thursday at 11:59pm.
  • The artist ranking is determined by TOTAL number of requests for each particular artist during the request period. Ties will be decided in one of two ways; greater consideration will be given to the artist with more requests for one particular song, otherwise tie listing will be alphabetical. 
  • Song will be determined by most requested song per artist. In the event of a tie we will play the song from the artist's latest release. In event of a tie between releases from the same album it will be the station's discretion. (Jimmy's favorite).
  • We keep our voting policies rather open but in the event of rampant "ballot stuffing"(we can tell, we keep an eye on that stuff) we reserve the right to restrict the amount of times an individual can vote per specific time period and in a day. So play nice....  

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fwd: Morning Star Newsletter - April 2016 Edition

Welcome to The Morning Star...
the occasionally updated newsletter of the Peter Mayer Group
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Fan photo of the month by Morgan Fisher during the StageIt concert with Brendan, Peter and Jim.


Happy Spring everyone. Nashville's bustin' out with the blooms and the pollen as my running nose will attest. Nashville probably has more singers per capita than most of the world's big cities and probably (if I was smart) I should invest in allergy medication companies. Business is booming here!

As we approach April Fool's Day, I offer the pleasant reminder that we all fit the description on a semi regular basis so… wear it proud on our name day!! Brendan and I are heading out for a run of tour dates up through the Midwest. It's been a good long stay at home but I'm looking forward to playing, trying out some new songs and putting some miles on these traveling shoes. Check the website and if you can, please come out and say hello!

Thanks for listening and enjoy this beautiful Spring sunshine.

IPM Trip to India!

Photos of the Mayer family in India.

And now for something completely different...

I'd like to tell you a little bit about something that I've been involved in for years and also about something brand new. And this involves you, if you should choose to be!

As you probably know, I was born in India. My parents were missionaries there and stayed a total of 17 years. I was born midway through their time there and was eight years old when my parents got the call to come home and work again in the United States. In 1974, my Dad left his job in the church to form an agency called Partners in Mission. The idea was that this mission would work with project partners around the world with a strong focus on women and children. The idea being that the health of many of these communities that suffered from hunger, persecution, health and employment challenges, or as casualties of war, was transformed when there was a strong support system for the family core and children's needs were cared for. This partnership was seen as working via a two-way street where all shared, and learned and benefited from the relationship, making a world that reaches across borders of faith, culture and economic circumstances to build peace, justice and hope. Partners in Mission today has become International Partners in Mission and is going strong after 41 years.

International Partners In Mission's (IPM) Director, Joe Cistone, approached me this year about co-leading an immersion trip to India to visit some of the partner projects that IPM is involved in. My initial response was, with touring and the schedule we have going, I don't think the time is going to work out in our favor. But then a few thoughts crossed my mind: This year marks (believe it or not) the 50th year of my family's return from India. I have wanted to take a trip back, but in all these years I haven't done it, so… if not now, when???

The result of all this thinking sealed my decision to join IPM for a trip to India this year! The outlined dates are November 8th through the 18th. (There might be an adjustment by a day or two on the end date, but this is the proposed time block).      

The reason I'm telling you, my friends, about this is that there will be a limited number of openings available for those of you would be interested in joining us on this incredible immersion trip. Obviously, there is information to share and there are plenty of details to get straight, but first the following thoughts:

I'm embarking on this trip because I support the work that IPM does in the world to make a difference! As the years go by, my hope is to be a part of that difference, that two-way street that changes people and the circumstances they live with for the better. The more I travel, the more I see a need to be involved in work that doesn't just target funds for a project, but that works hand-in-hand in partnership to form relationships that build the world from the inside out as a sustainable, peaceful, hopeful and ever better place for our children.

While we will see southern India, the people, the beautiful country, small town and big city, the many varieties of Indian culture, language and cuisine, the purpose of this trip is not simply to sight see but to share a unique window into the lives of people where IPM has project partners and hear the stories - see the lives that are being touched by people working together.

I'm going to bring a guitar, and hope to share some songs along the way, and get a chance to play some music with Indian musicians. You never know what could happen, but I'm confident this will be the trip of a lifetime.

I am well aware that this may not be the trip for just anyone, but, if you are intrigued and want further information on this, there is contact info below and we can start the conversation!!
Interested parties  should contact:
Alyssa Bovell
Tel: +1.216.932.4082

20 slots are available.
A waiting list after initial 20 slots are filled.

Every potential participant should send a two paragraph summary on why they would like to be part of the Immersion. What motivates them to attend and prior experience with/openness to daily reflections in a shared group setting.

The program fee for the trip ranges between $4500-$4900, depending on the itinerary chosen, plus airfare.

Included in this price is: three meals per day, translators, overnight accommodations, cultural excursions, project donations, and all air and ground transportation.

 Not included in the price is: immunizations, medications, mosquito repellent and/or netting, visa charges, snacks, souvenirs, and travel expenses to get to and from airport in the US.

  $900 deposit to hold your spot should be mailed to IPM with your two paragraph summary to:

3091 Mayfield Road, Suite 320
Cleveland Heights, OH  44118 USA

"Live in Amsterdam" Release

We're so happy that you all are placing orders for this LP project that is so near and dear to our hearts!  We'll be taking these on the road with us, so be sure to stop by the merchandise table and check them out!  We will be happy to autograph them and you'll save on shipping costs if you're at one of our gigs!

For those of you who don't have access to a turntable to listen to the vinyl, have no fear!  Each LP package contains a digital download card with a unique code, so that you can download the audio files (one time only) for use on your favorite device.  This special card is located in the sleeve with record number one.

Here are just a couple of our customer testimonials:

"Just wanted to let you know, LP arrived today..Fantastic!

Was able to successfully download file, extracted / unzipped and burned to disc.
Thank You for making it easy, and for all the work you did to make this project complete."

And from USPTA Tennis Teaching Pro, Vinh Do:

"Listening to the LP right now. It's fantastic! They sound great!" Vinh added, "This is better than getting to test out a new tennis racquet!"

Thanks friends!  Happy Listening!

You can purchase this LP online at Little Flock Music!

"Turn the Table" Interview

I've had the chance to do many interviews. People ask questions about this or that music or life on the road. I've always enjoyed talking through these stories, but I thought it would be fun to start a feature in the Morning Star where yours truly gets to interview a friend, a fan, a Little Flock co-worker, or fellow musician -- it could be anyone that offers an insight and a different perspective on the person-to-person gears that turn the days and nights of life into a musical adventure of years. This issue features Q&A with Little Flock Music's General Manager (and longtime friend), Mike Davis.

PM: Could you tell us about your work and what you do?
Mike:  I started my career as a software engineer working with the first use of microprocessors in the private sector.  Our teams developed the first information display systems for airlines in the late 1970's.  I later moved into sales engineering and I am now the President of the company which is celebrating our 47th year in business this year.  Peter refers this as my "day job."

PM: How did you get involved as a friend and in this music business with Peter?
Mike:  I met Peter at a gig at Eddie's Attic in the early 90's, a mutual friend Scott Nickerson introduced us.  After the show, Peter gave me a CD and signed it "To Whom It May Concern."  I really appreciated the personalization as I must have really impressed him -- we exchanged our email addresses and kept in touch.  Another Little Flock Music co-worker, CJ Sutherland, and I later developed the first Peter Mayer web site.  You often see CJ's incredible work on many of the PMG CDs and most recently the "Live In Amsterdam" album.  As our friendship and Little Flock Music grew I helped with other items of the business including contracts, licensing and publishing.  I must have done something right because Peter still keeps me around.

PM: How does doing business in your world compare to doing it with wild Rock n Rollers?
Mike:  My business world deals with formal contracts and timelines, somewhat impersonal.  The Wild Rock n' Roll world does have its formality, but there are quite a bit of things handled on a hand shake.  I find it refreshing, as most of the time there are very few problems with this.  When problems arise we are usually able to get them addressed quickly and move forward.  Most of the Rock n' Rollers I have met are pretty good business people or have good ones associated with them.  Thanks to this "gig" I have learned a tremendous amount about music publishing and licensing which I first found as difficult as Calculus. 

PM: What is your history with music?
Mike:  I started playing drums when I was ten years old and continued into high school playing in a few cover bands. I realized that I was a better soccer player than a musician, so I put the music on hold, played soccer in college and continued playing into my mid-40's.  I play a little piano, guitar and banjo but I am not proficient at any of them.  I have been fortunate to work with Peter, Brendan, Jim and Roger Guth on writing a few songs at my cabin in Blue Ridge, GA.  We actually got stuck there on the snow covered mountain a few years ago, wrote during the day and Roger made dinner at night.  It was a pretty incredible week.  We are building a new studio this year in the mountains overlooking the Toccoa River and it will be dedicated sometime this year.  Hopefully a lot more Little Flock Music will come from there.

PM: Given your skills with technology, how do you think music and tech will survive together? Will this be a good marriage, or will artists have to struggle to make a living in the future more than now?
Mike:  Boy,  I could write pages and talk hours about this subject.  Having worked with Peter and the band on many albums over the years and seen the amount of labor and time that go into it, not to mention the emotional effort, I completely understand why many musicians are torn by  business processes.  Technology has been able to reduce the the production and recording costs but the writing and recording efforts still take time.  Most artists have realized that in order to make a living, the live performing is part of the process and usually more profitable than CD sales.  And the streaming platforms have completely and are continuing to change how music is purchased but returning not a lot of income to the artists.I have learned from Peter that writing, performing and handling the business functions in the music world is pretty darn hard and does have a luck factor.  And the harder we work, the luckier we are!  

Whether the artists like the changes with technology in the music business or not, it is here to stay.  The really wonderful side is that we are now able to hear many amazing artists and bands that we never would have heard without the technology.   Music will always be in demand and there will always be a way to make a living, the trick is how to get it to the artists who make it. 

La Casa Cayo Hueso

Thanks to all of you who have purchased the Live CD "La Casa Cayo Hueso." We are so grateful to our friends at Sirius XM Radio Margaritaville for sharing the title track with you, their listeners, and continued support of the CD.  We are blown away by your responses and requests for airplay!  Thank you, all!!


Our debut concert at was a huge success, thanks to all of you who tuned in!  It was fun to share an evening with you all, from the comfort of Brother/Uncle Jim's living room!  We loved the fan interaction and requests.  It was like a house concert with fans and friends from around the nation, Europe; and special guest, JD Spradlin, from Radio Margaritaville, who took a break from his Parrot Perch Studio in Orlando, to join in the festivities!  We greatly appreciate all the "virtual" tips, generous ticket purchases and trivia knowledge! It was also great fun to keep the party going on facebook after the show!  You all are the best!

Prizes were awarded to the following fans -- we hope you have received your prizes and are enjoying them!

Top Supporter:  MILLICENT
Top Tipper:  Zedagyal

Trivia Question #1 - Carol McGraw - Bassett, VA
Trivia Question #2 - Rob Betz - Baltimore, MD
Trivia Question #3- Matt Gibbons - Savannah, GA

For those of you who couldn't attend our first show, we will be holding our next StageIt event on April 26, 7:30 pm (Central), live from Peter's home in Nashville!  We look forward to having Chris Walters joining us on piano, and Sirius XM Radio Margaritaville's Program Director, Kirsten, will be in attendance!    This will be a 90-minute show, with a 20-minute encore! You won't want to miss the fun!  Tickets are now available at!

Click on the photo to hear Peter and Brendan's special invitation to the April 26 StageIt concert!
Click on Jim's coffee mug to watch his "Cream - inspired" invitation to the April 26 StageIt event!

Key West Songwriters' Festival

The Key West Songwriters Festival - the largest festival of its kind in the world, celebrating its 21st year.  Since 1997 BMI has been a presenting sponsor of the festival and has helped it grow into both a tourist attraction and favorite of island locals. The festival revolves around five days and nights where live music bliss introduces crowds to the faces, voices and stories behind the songs.  Peter and Brendan are thrilled to be a part of this prestigious event!

May 6 - Brendan Mayer appears with Ashley Gearing and Paul Jenkins (Rascal Flatts, Blake Shelton, Chris Young) at the Smokin' Tuna Saloon, as part of the 21st Annual Key West Songwriters' Festival.  Tickets for this show are not required.

May 6 - Peter and Brendan will join Kree Harrison, Benjy Davis, Bonnie Bishop, Rob Hatch, Brian White, Clayton Anderson at the Tropic Cinema, beginning at 9:00 pm.  Tickets to this show are available at:

May 7 -  Peter and Brendan will perform on the Fury Sunset Sail!  Don't miss the opportunity to hear "Suzannah When the Sun Goes Down" and MORE! on the beautiful waters surrounding Key West!  Tickets are available at: 

Meet Me In The Keys!


The Top 20 Requests for the week ending 4-8-16

Hey Waders!

For the last few weeks we've been touting our new request feature at The Shore. Hit the request page either here or the mobile site at and request songs to your heart's content. So here we have it, our first Top 20 request list. Congrats to out first Top 5, Brittany Kingery, Dani Hoy, Donny Brewer, Reggie Starrett and Bill Cockrell and everyone else who made the cut. Wonfer who'll be on top next week? 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dani Hoy: Update on A Brand New CD: The End of A Long Road

Some readers see this part of your email after the subject line in the inbox.
Write something brief and catchy, compelling them to open the email.
A Brand New CD is coming!
Preorder my brand new CD due out next month and check out other rewards. 
Time is running out. Please check out my page below.
The End of a Long Road is my new CD, with five original songs. I've written quite a few others but my producer, Kevin Johnston, and I, have handpicked these for this special release. It'll be out in early April so pre-order yours now PLUS get other rewards, if you wish. Thank you for your support and get ready for The End of A Long Road. Music inspired by life in The Keys!

All the best,

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mark Mulligan: See you in AZ, Colorado, Texas, Florida, CA and WA!

Spring is upon us!  And I'm excited not only about shows in Tucson April 2 and Phoenix April 3, but summer events everywhere from Denver Colorado Springs to Olympia WA to Flagstaff & PrescottAZ and Southern California. Followed by Texas shows w/ Kelly McGuire and a Florida tour w/ James "Sunny Jim" White! Details about all HERE, with info about March San Carlos and Kino Bay shows below!
Here's the latest pic of Marisol, dressed up in her "Frozen" outfit!

Castaway Kids Beach Bash Sun March 20! 
Every band in town performs on the beach at La Palapa Griega, and I'll kick off the action at noon! Tickets just 200 pesos, and will get you all the entertainment plus your choice of ribs, chicken, burger or pork chops, w/ a side dish and a beer, margarita, or soda. Available thru Castaway Kids at their Thrift Shop.
 Kino Bay, Wed March 23!
Back to San Carlos and La Palapa Griega Wed, March 30th, 5PM
  Download "White Sand, Warm Sun, and Salty H20" from iTunes! (Prefer CDs? Get 'em w/ FREE SHIPPING HERE    On behalf of the Mulligan family, gracias!  Mark 

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