Margarita M.A.F.F.I.A. Ballots are out!

To:  The Shore
Today is an important day for the Margarita MAFFIA Trop Rock Award nominations.  The ballots are out today, and I'm encouraging all Margarita MAFFIA members in "The Shore" land to open their emails and cast your votes for your favorite artists, songs, venues, and all the categories that are unique to the Trop Rock world.  The person, band, or song you nominated may not have gotten enough nominations to be on the lists.  Don't fret, the ones that made the list are excellent and deserve a look and listen.  Take a minute and join Don da Pyrate in casting your very important ballot.  When I'm down at MOTM, I'll be rooting for my favorites, and I hope you'll be cheering for yours as well. 
Trock on!
Don da Pyrate