Thank God its Friday.... JOHN Friday that is!

Grand Finale w/ John Friday..... by Millie Marie Taylor 

No way to explain this night As John Friday and I began setting up for a wonderful evening, I noticed John was looking a little odd. Way more so than normal, I thought, so I asked him, "hey John, ya worried about Sandy?" “Yep, and I also have a tooth ache”, he said. Right away I said, "Hey John, lets just cancel this". He wouldn't have it end that way. “I came to play tonight. Lets just see how far I get through this”, he said. I was so glad to have John Friday playing the Finale, but I was very worried. A singer with a sore mouth? “John,” I said. “This could be an interesting night”.

As the 'Teddy Bear of Trop Rock' began to play and sing some fun ballads for us, we noticed a quick change. John Friday is a tough Teddy Bear. He told us tales and explained how in the world he came up with the songs he did. John tends to tease ya with each song he sings, and the songs will remind you of someone ya know. I am still not sure why everyone was looking at me, during Rita's Goin' Wild! John plays different Harmonicas and Guitars! Yep, even with a sore molar, he's also a great Harmonica player. We are a lucky group.

During the evening, John pulled out his 12 string and played some songs ya just don't play on a 12 string. He asked us to, and we tried to trip him up. John is too good to trip. He has his own rendition of "FreeBird", so I had to yell, "Play FreeBird"! (Another thing I can check off my bucket list!) What a fun guy. He not only played it, he told stories about it, too. Everyone was laughing and having a great time.

After intermission, something happened. The tropical night shifted gears. Waves of romantic tropical music danced through the air, and John had whisked us away to a warm tropical evening. The Big Funny Bear, had suddenly become Soft and Gentle. I have never seen John pull off a night of Love songs. He sang so wonderfully and beautifully, with the warmth from his heart flowing like whispers in our ears.

We can not express how wonderful it was to have John not only be a part of our House Concert Series. He trully gave us an evening to remember. At the end of the show we all expressed to him, how wonderful the back to back love songs were. It was a John Friday none of us had ever seen before. With a chuckle and a Friday grin, he said, "not sure why, but I felt that was the way to go".

Way to go John Friday!!! Your a wonderful Teddy Bear full of laughter and romance...... Jensen Beach looks forward to your return........... Cheers, xoxo!