NEW Feature: PHC Profile- Parrot Heads in Niagara South

Before there was "Trop Rock", before there were online magazines, the Margarita Mafia, the TRMA and online radio stations, YES, before there was Shore Life Radio there were Parrot Head Clubs. Since the founding of the first club in Atlanta in 1989 Parrot Head Clubs have been on the front line in living the "Party With A Purpose" ethic longer than most anyone. There are currently over 200 clubs in the US, Canada and across the planet, partying, tailgating and doing great work for worthy charities. Go through the parking lot of any Buffett show and you can't walk twenty feet without encountering the banner of a PHC. 

So we've decided here at Shore Life Radio to give a little credit where it's due. We're going to tell you all about some of these clubs and the good work they do with our new PHC Profile Series here on the website as well as Shore 2 Shore News on Shore Life Radio. So listen up...

Parrot Heads in Niagara South (P.H.I.N.S)

P.H.I.N.S serves the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, Canada, and has since 2010. The club keeps busy serving the community in addition to their monthly meetings by volunteering their time at events like The Ontario Rowing Championships, Earth Day and Lake Erie Shoreline cleanups, The 444 Fishing Derby Event in Port Colbourne, Ontario and other events. One source of particular pride comes from the club being able to pull together funds to replace a "sledge" for a local para-athlete from the Niagara Thunderblades Sledge Hockey Team. Sledge hockey is a sport that allows people with physical disabilities the excitement of playing competitive hockey with custom made "sledges" or sleds as we'd call them in the states. These sledges are custom made to the individual so when this particular player had his sledge stolen it became a major impediment. The P.H.I.N.S folks were able to not only raise a donation towards replacing the sledge, they were able to raise enough to replace the sledge entirely themselves. It was a moment that current president Darryl Wardrop will never forget.

This year P.H.I.N.S was asked by the Parrot Heads on the St. Clair to take over their annual Phlock to the Falls event in  Niagara Falls, Canada and P.H.I.N.S has decided to continue the tradition. Sept 16th, 2017 brings Donny Brewer, Thom Shepherd and Coley McCabe, Canadian trokkers Bodean as well as club favorite Music of Now and Then to Margaritaville Niagara Falls for an event you won't forget all to benefit Hospice Niagara, a regular beneficiary of P.H.I.N.S good works.

To contact the P.H.I.N.S folks for information on this event, joining the club or any other reason, hit, search P.H.I.N.S. on Facebook or people can contact Darryl directly by email, which you can find on their listing at, the national Parrot Heads in Paradise website.

So PHINS Up to the Parrot Heads in Niagara South, we'll see them in September at the Falls.