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Volume 2 | June 8, 2017
Updates and fun stuff
It's been a busy time in Key West and a little beyond. I feel very lucky to be playing music so often in this bustling town. Live music is everywhere here and it's exciting to be part of a thriving, driving scene.
The U.S. COAST GUARD CUTTER INGHAM (WHEC-35) Maritime Museum & National Historic Landmark, located in Key West at the Truman Waterfront, is a wonderful "off-Duval" attraction to visit. Take a stroll down Southard Street through the Truman Annex and you will see it directly ahead at the inner Mole Pier. Built at the Philadelphia Naval Yard, she was launched on June 3, 1936, in service for over 50 years from prior to WWII through the Mariel Boatlift in 1988. 

You can tour this "quintessential portrait of Coast Guard history from 1936 to 1988" Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm. Adult admission is $10, Children 7-12 are $5, children under 6 are free. Active duty military admission is only $5. 

One of the "fun" things to do is to appreciate the Key West sunset from the deck of the Ingham. On Fridays and Saturdays the ship is open an hour before sunset. For only $5 you can climb the gangplank and watch the sun sink into the sea with a drink from their bar. Your first drink is complementary! 

Visit their website below for more information on this historic treasure.

Click the link:
CGC Ingham
So, what do you want to know about Key West? Comment on this newsletter and let me know!
Coming in August
As I have said, performing in Key West is a regular, weekly thing and a real blessing. Even so, I still like to travel so I'll be taking about three weeks in August to hit the road. I'll be driving, playing music and visiting friends in several locations. I have a couple of house concerts to do, bar gigs, a radio show and a music conference to attend. I'm trying to allow for some flexibility here and there plus I'll have a good friend along for part of the trip. She's going to be Louise to my Thelma (except for the whole killing somebody and later driving off the cliff). 

This poster has the scheduled dates and locations. You can also visit my website to see my schedule. I'm looking forward to visiting up North. I'm hoping to make some other trips next year "up south" and the East Coast. If you have any ideas to share, please contact me.

Here is my:
Music Schedule
Live CD- The Shanty Hounds
The Shanty Hounds are the duo/band I'm in here in Key West. Essentially it's comprised of Key West Chris Rehm and myself. Originally it also included "Redawg" David Solinski on the Zen Drum. After Redawg moved back to PA, John Sausser joined us on drums for awhile. When Chris and I began playing at Grunts we were joined by house drummer and leader of the Bubba System band Paulie Walterson. Paulie had to stop playing with us for a couple of reasons and we were joined by Bob Tucker from the Bubba System on bass. He's also great on harmonies.

We are approaching two years playing gigs at Grunts and have decided to do a live CD of mostly original material. On this CD you're going to hear some new songs that have not yet been recorded in the studio as well as more familiar tunes from our current catalog. The picture shows the band as it has been working for the last few weeks with Chris and I on acoustic guitars and vocals, Bob on bass and vocals, and John on drums. We are gearing up for recording Thursday, July 13, 2017. Our recording engineer and producer is the fantastic Ian Shaw of Warmfuzz.

We have some expenses so, of course, we have a Kickstarter. It's not going to be as much as a studio production but we need to pay Ian and the band plus John and Bob and also create the CDs. We hope you will "kick in" and help us out! Rewards include the LIVE CD, t-shirts, can coozies and more. 

Here is the Kickstarter link for more info:

Thank you!
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