What is Shore LIVE TV?

If you've noticed the past couple weeks we've been asking, no, begging you to subscribe to our new You Tube Channel. So what's up with that?

We're involved with many station sponsored house concerts, larger events, smaller events, lifestyle pieces, etc, that we'd love to start covering LIVE. We took a look at a few live streaming video options and decided to go with You Tube. They've been around forever and show no signs of going anywhere, the interface is great and anyone can watch it anywhere, on any platform.

In order for us to be able to move forward we need 100 subscribers. As of this writing we have 92 subscribers... HELP!!!!!

Yeah, we know it's been done before, but we think we can do it better. With sheer force of will and the strength of our personalities we're going to have fun dammit. And for better or for worse we're going to see where this takes us. The station isn't going anywhere but think of this as an expansion. Follow us and we'll have some fun. and Thanks!