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Hi gang! Always fun when I convince Elsa to join me for a song. Here she is, singing "Me Dice Que Me Amas", one of our favorites to play together....
Pic from Kelley Rivers, www.droneroamers.com
Now that the new CD is out, it's nice to be home with my gang until Sat Nov 25, when I head to Rocky Point for a 5:30PM show at Pink Cadillac!
Also coming up, a big party in Albuquerque Sat Dec 16! 
Meanwhile, LOVE this shirt my friend Angie designed to celebrate the new "Same Beer, Different Can" CD!  We just made them available as a limited edition item HERE!
 And as for the new CD, good news: You can now DOWNLOAD IT HERE !
You can preview all ten NEW songs (including really cool duets with my brother Dave, hit songwriter Thom Shepherd and Nashville's Wendy Newcomer), and buy the entire album OR single tracks. Amazing thing is after all these years, THIS is the album that has generated the most response, and I truly appreciate that from you guys. Like the last song on the CD is titled, "Thank You"
PS  Prefer the CD rather than download? We pay the shipping when you order HERE
That's it for now. Can't wait to sing for a whole bunch of you at this Saturday's SOLD OUT show on the beach with Six and a Half Mexicans. Adios for now!   Mark   www.markmulligan.net
Gracias to Seaside Realty for helping make this big event happen!

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