Shore LIVE TV Blasts Off.

A few months back we started the groundwork for a fun, new extension of Shore Life Radio, Shore LIVE TV. The idea was to hop on over to these spectacular Trop Rock events all over the country and bring them to you on your screen LIVE in all their glory. We decided on the YouTube platform as it gives us the most control after the fact and has the best archive system, so you can catch these videos virtually forever. 

Jimmy did a couple of event videos, DDP did one or two from the Piping Parrot and Millie did quite a few more covering some great events and then we met Diana Christ. Diana for those not in the know is the driving force with her husband Pablo behind Diablo Creek House Concerts. While the Diablo Creek configuration is still being finalized for this year Diana and Pablo are taking off in their RV to events all over the country and will be broadcasting house concerts as well. Pardi Gras 2018 was the first event that Diana and Millie tag teamed and boy did they do a great job. From Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon and everywhere in between, all the moments were captured for those who couldn't attend in person.

Visit and it will take you directly to our YouTube LIVE page and join us, there are many more more events coming up... Hit our FB page for the event calendar.