May 2018 New CDs and Artist Reviews: Pat Riley

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Spring has sprung for this Songwriter who has finally found the right home for his music. Shore Life Radio is proud to have found this singer/songwriter buried in the internet under Alt- Country and Bluegrass. Labeling your music is just as important as the song title. "Diggin' it Up" could mean in a country song "spinning them tires in the mud" or "mudbug hunting (crawfish)" and in a Trop Rock song well that could mean "clam dig", "sand dollar dig" or "buried treasure". If you title it right your music and lyrics will sail with the wind to find many ports to anchor in.

Island Mountain Pat is an incredible songwriter running with passion and staking his claim as a "Naturalist". Pat Riley has put out multiple CDs and he has a stack of songs waiting to be recorded. He has recorded country cds in the past and has found his love for coast lines, lakes, rivers and creeks. He has been successful with his youtube channel exposing his music and his self to a following he is very grateful for. Please checkout Island Mountain Pat's Music through our Request Line or Buy his music to add this newly exposed music to your Trop Rock CD Collection. Music was made to be heard and enjoyed with the world. Glad to have Island Mountain Pat in our Trop Rock family world.

"Mr. Patrick John Denver Riley aka Island Mountain Pat is not shy and firmly believes most of his music is divinely inspired. Trivia: Island Mountain Pat is a naturalist, loves animals, traveling, family, friends, and playing most sports................oh and he really loves swimming and Flinking.
Hopefully his music will find a wonderful place in your life. Peace, Love & Sandy Feet."

Island Mountain Pat Water Songs Collection:

The Key Of Sea

Boats, Beaches & Babes