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Shorespondent Millie Marie Taylor

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        An Artist's "Performance" or "Stage Appearance" during a Trop Rock Fest is almost as important as the songs themselves. Captivating an audience on vacation and putting them mentally in the middle of an Island beach party can be quiet a feat. Some famous artists can just strum a guitar and look good as they sing their top 20 songs, But other artists can make you live and breath their music as you dance or listen to them perform. Pressure can become quiet competitive when a venue is choosing which Trop Rock Artist, Duo/Trio or Band to have perform at their events. Do we want fun dancing or do we want sit down listening music. Well there are many folks who know how to turn on the radio or their mp3s to listen to music. Trop Rock Fests should be a Festival of food, drinks and yes music to dance too.

             Jeff Brewer is the lead singer and performer of the Jeff and The Camaros band. I said Band. Jeff is a solo act that has his audience become part of the band. Jeff is also not shy to dress up like the Parrot Head he is. You walk up to a stage Jeff is performing on and he has your attention. Mid way through a Jeff and The Camaros performance you will be wearing a mustache, dancing with monkeys and smiling with a tropical glow. Participating with a Jeff and The Camaros performance is what makes his fans enjoy their vacation or evening adventure. At first glance you see a happy man with a great smile and his clothing can be colorful or tropical eclectic stage appropriate attire. When Jeff takes the stage and sings his vast variety of original music he leaves you wanting more even after the 5th encore. You and your friends may have sat and listened to 6 troubadours all day along with Jeff being one of them, and I guarantee your happy memory from that day will be the Jeff and The Camaros performance.
   We at Shore Life Radio are so happy to finally have Jeff and The Camaros in our rotation and on your Request Line.
    Welcome ABOARD one of the most entertaining stage performers and colorful artists we have in Trop Rock Music - Jeff Brewer of Jeff and The Camaros. Welcome to our Trop Rock Family.

 "If you have no Jeff and The Camaros in your Trop Rock CD Collection - You have no Trop Rock CD Collection"

Events you may find Jeff and The Camaros performing at: Rendezvous  - Pardi Gras - Music On The Bay -  The Villages Parrot Head Club have him often, Now they are Florida's largest Parrot Head Club and I think the largest club in PHIP. 
 check Jeff's website for regular performances........

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           Let's Go to the Beach

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