House Concert Wrap Up: Matt Hoggatt in Galveston Bay

by Diana Christ
Nestled in the beachy gulf community of Clear Lake Shores, TX, Pablo and I attended a Matt Hoggatt house concert on Saturday March 24th with members of the Galveston Bay Parrothead Club. The event was organized by Jon Burns and “Dammit” Earl Sanders of Pirates and Poets. The house was built up on stilts and the show took place underneath with a raised stage complete with lights and a hanging One-Eyed Lizard.

Matt did not disappoint the crowd as he told his funny stories about how he got ideas for his songs including shopping at Piggly Wiggly, Walmart, and using his wife’s female decorated mini-van as his tour vehicle. He has such a natural comfortableness in front of a crowd and can make up a song about anything on the fly! We also learned how to pronounce his hometown of Gautier, MS (Go-shay)!

We are endeared to Matt as he has such a colorful, entertaining spirit with his amazing sense of humor. Check out his tour schedule on his website at to see if he is coming to your area and you can find a link for his music on the Shore Life website under Artists links!

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