May 2018 New CDs and Artist Reviews: Jack Mosley

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Some Trop Rock Artists have paved this "Genre" road of music with years of lyrics and a life style they have dreamed. No way to really describe the amazing sounds of Trop Rock into a paragraph. The enjoyment level of a crowd mixed with tropical tourists, sailors and nautical seekers is all in the song an Artist performs. A talented songwriter can amuse or draw in a mixed crowd with lyrics they have chosen to share in a song. An experienced songwriter will take you with them on a journey, best day, drunk moment or a beach walk as they sing you into their song. That moment you realize that you can totally relate to the lyrics you are listening to or you want to live those lyrics is called "living in the music". We women love to say "that's my song" - as we jump up to dance or sit shouting out every word to the song. That is the real magic of a "Songwriter" who has just blended a group of humans together through lyrics of a song taking them on the journey of story telling. Music has no limitations or guidelines to follow as it takes you by the hands and embraces you.

Meet Jack Mosley - songwriter extraordinar - who is the best entertaining story teller with his guitar I know. 
Jack Mosley is one of the best songwriters continuously pulling his listeners in with "Stories". Jack calls his brain the melting pot or crock pot of stories stewing away awaiting for the right time to be ready. Most folks see Jack as a songwriter, musician or an artists who is a damn good entertainer. Jack and his friendships with Hugo, DJ Jeff and many other artists has left him with a bottled up emotion of  "Enough". Jack took his emotions out of the melting pot and poured them onto paper. Hugo Durate and many other artist are remembered in "For The Sake Of The Song". "Life Boat on Titanic" showcases the creativity of passion for songwriting as an object in a dreadful moment in time. I can honestly say I never know what Jack Mosley is going to write next, But I know it will stand the test of time. This CD "Stories" is titled for what your going to experience with Jack as he pulls you into his depth of story telling, Parrot Head partying and reminiscing memorable moments in time.
  "You have no Trop Rock CD Collection if you have no Jack Mosley.............."
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