Hello from Mark Mulligan!

OK, back in my day we didn't "graduate" from kindergarten....but times have changed!
Congrats Marisol....on to 1st grade we go!  As for her older brother Jose, he'll get an award tonight for scoring the highest grades in his 2nd grade class, and 13 year old Luis just finished rocking in his big piano recital, playing way better than Dad EVER did at his age. Who knows, he just may become Mexico's own "Elton Juan"!  Oldest brother Marcos? He's working his butt off 54 hours a week at "Rey de Hamburguesas" (that sounds so much cooler than Burger King) in Guaymas. In his spare time, he's still kicking that soccer ball around and cheering Mexico on in the World Cup!
Elsa continues to train for her 63K (yes, SIXTY THREE KM) race in July.  And me, I'm out in those "Cortez Waters" whenever I can be, spearing a few fish to throw in my tacos and falling off a sailboard more than I'm staying on, which I guess is my way of living the lyric "what's the point if I'm not getting wet?" 
OK, who are these guys?  Fellow employees of Marcos at Rey de Hamburguesas? NO, its the Tres Amigos! When you see those sombreros on, you know it's time for a big announcement:   ISLANDFEST 2019! The dates have JUST been announced for this trip with Sunny Jim, Kelly McGuire, me and 100 of our friends that sells out every year. Join us May 2-5, 2019 on a gorgeous little island off Cancun, Isla Mujeres)  AND, since you've stuck with me through several paragraphs of fairly lame attempts at humor, YOU get to take advantage of a special price that ends July 5th Get all the details HERE, and reserve before we once again sell out!
Speaking of Tres Amigos, at our big July 14th performance in Olympia, you can help charity AND get a chance at a GREAT beachfront condo stay in MY 'hood of beautiful San Carlos MX courtesy of Seaside Realty, along with one of 5 dinner gift certificates for my "2nd home, 3rd world cantina" of La Palapa Griega, courtesy of Lenny Atlee. Just make a bid for the "Mulligan mini-vacation" in Laid Back Attack's silent auction, and you'll help USO Northwest AND Emmit's Magic Animal Rescue...event details HERE
Think I've found a cover for my next CD.....here's 6 year old Marisol's latest work of art!
He may look like a Colombian drug lord, but "The King of The Island" Kelly McGuire is really just a harmless, lovable, warm and fuzzy (OK, enough of all that)....catch us in Portland July 6th, Olympia July 8th, Spokane July 15th and Reno Aug 18th! Details about all, plus our Southern Cal shows with Sunny Jim AND my solo performances at Parrot Grande Aug 17, Denver Aug 21 and CO Spring Aug 22, HERE
Um, maybe Kelly McGuire's NOT quite so harmless??   Hope your summer is going great! See you in the NW in just over a week....  Mark   www.markmulligan.net
See one you don't yet have?  Download it on iTunes, get it on CDBaby.com OR order the CD with free shipping!  On behalf of Elsa, the kids, and yours truly, thank you!