Mark Mulligan/ Kelly McGuire in Oregon and WA this weekend!

Hi gang, that kid on the right is my 13 year old son, Luis, standing next to his occasionally annoying older brother Marcos. 
 Recently I mentioned that Luis is now playing piano. Here's a video if you'd like to check it out.  Hey, if he gets enough hits, maybe he'll hire me as his opening act!
Wish I could lug MY piano with me to the NW this weekend, but with the airlines these days, even my kazoo gets charged as oversized luggage. But cool thing is, when I finally crash land for a 6PM show at Portland's Back Yard Tiki Bar this Friday, (Doors open 5PM, BYOB/chair Sugg donation $20, RSVP/directions at ) I'll meet up not just with Kelly McGuire...
but also amazing guitarist Rudy B, who ALSO joins us in Olympia this Sunday! (Meet & greet 2 pm, show 3 pm, BYOB/dish to share, Sugg donation $20, RSVP/ get directions at )  NW friends who couldn't get into July 14th's sold out Laid Back Attack, catch us here 7/8 OR when Kelly and I sing in Spokane July 15th (BYOB/chair/ munchies,doors open 4PM, show 5PM, RSVP Sugg donation $25)    
If we haven't been arrested for trashing motel rooms along the way, we ALSO head to Reno Aug 18, Southern Cal w/ Sunny Jim Sept 6-9, and Arizona Oct 12-13.  Info about those plus Colorado,  Baja CA's San Felipe Songwriter Festival w/ Rob Mehl and Eric Stone, the just announced IslandFest 2019, and more,  HERE
Happy 4th of July and see you in the NW this weekend!  Mark
See one you don't yet have?  Download it on iTunes, get it on OR order the CD with free shipping!  On behalf of Elsa, the kids, and yours truly, thank you!
Did you hear? Seaside Realty is adding a condo stay on San Carlos Mexico's BEST beach  to Laid Back Attack's "mini Mulligan vacation" silent auction prize, to benefit USO and Emmit's Magic Animal Rescue. Win the 3 day, 2 night condo stay along with one of 5 gift certificates for my "2nd home, 3rd World Cantina" of La Palapa Griega, plus a Mulligan's Island T-shirt  AND CDs. Email Rob  for info, and thanks Seaside Realty & La Palapa Griega for helping these LBA charities!