What's New In The Library: October 2018

Additions to our AWESOME Trokkin' Library over the last 30 days include new, new to us and classic tracks from...

Aaron Haughland
Barefoot Reggie Starrett
Bert & Sassy's "Love in the Sun" CD
Donny Brewer's "Blues Lagoon" CD
Drop Dead Dangerous' "Roadside Attraction" CD
Erica Sunshine Lee's "Buried Treasure" CD
Jimi Pappas' "Tropical Salvage" CD
John McDonald's "Right Place, Right Time" CD
Jonas Lorence's "Key West" CD
Kristine Jackson's "Sunshine & Blues" CD
Latitude's "Life in a Beach Town" CD
Brand New Randy Moore
The Shanty Hounds' "Unleashed: LIVE at Grunts, Key West" CD
Brand New Ty Thurman

And a TON of Trokkin' Holiday Tunes to get ready for the season...

Remember that our request line are ALWAYS OPEN, requests your new and old favorites on the request page at www.shoreliferadio.com