What's New in the Library: November 2018

Additions to our AWESOME Trokkin' Library over the last 30 days include new, new to us and classic tracks from...

Jonas Lorence' "Key West" Disc
Bert & Sassy's "Love in the Sun" Disc
Erica Sunshine Lee's "Buried Treasure" Disc
Todd Trusty's "Souvenirs" Disc
Michael McCloud's "Another Day in Paradox" Disc
James Slater's "Mexicoma" Disc
The Coconut Boat Band's "Rum is a Many Blendered Thing", "Sunsettled" and "Too Much Hands on My Time" Discs
The Cocabanana Band's "Boats for Sale LIVE" Disc
Ty Thurman's "Beachballs" Disc
Pup Morse's "Drunken Tales and Pirate Sails" Disc
Brittany Kingery's "Edge of the Ocean" Disc
Robin Tricker's "Salt Water Happy" Disc

Trokkin' Holiday Tunes from: Anuhea, Jonas Lorence, Rick Steffen, Erica Sunshine Lee and Joe Rich

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