Memorial Day Celebration Parrot Heads, Capt. Hiram's & the Caribbean Chillers .....

   Happy Memorial Day Memories 2019.....
               (Parrot Head Palooza)

Capt. Hiram's Resort in Sebastian FL. hosted their annual Memorial Day "Jimmy Buffett" Tropical afternoon with the famous Caribbean Chillers  . The cheers, sounds of American approval as Jason Webb (Vet) lead singer of the Caribbean Chillers performed his annual version of "The National Anthem". The Veterans in the crowd get a lot of hugs and Thank you pleasantries at this point of the venue. It is heart warming to see so many people stand and sing all the words to the National Anthem. Jason Webb always does a wonderful job filling the air with love, patriotism and Americanism. If Jason records his version of the National Anthem it will be played everyday on . Great rendition. 

Parrot Heads from West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Melbourne, Sebring, Tampa Bay, Sarasota and the Treasure Coast came together for a fintasic afternoon. The Caribbean Chillers gave us all a beach tailgate party at the Sand Bar on Capt. Hiram's Resort. Jimmy Buffett and original Caribbean Chillers tunes filled the atmosphere blending parrot heads and music lovers together on a sunny beachy day.
  An infamous fact about Jason Webb and the Caribbean Chillers is their music sends out a human kinda of pheromones. Released pheromones invisibly oozing out onto the dance floor affecting a behavioral mechanism causing dancing, singing-a-long and yes some belly rubbing while partnering up. There is Always a woman to blame - Not in some of these couples cases. They all agree it is the Caribbean Chillers to blame for their infection happiness. Eric and Carolyn shared how Jason and Chillers are always to blame for their happiness. "It's the musical talent and performance
the Caribbean Chillers bring to any venue that has strangers and people coming together as one big family. Familiar songs and dancing make us all feel like we belong" Judy. 

Debbie member at West Palm Beach PHC did a Fintasic job getting a group rate for Parrot Heads at the Resort. Debbie informed she will be doing it again for the annual Labor Day gathering at Capt.Hiram's. When she shares that information with me Waders I will happily sharing with y'all. You do not have to be a member of a Parrot Club to join in on the Annual Memorial Day or Labor Day Events at Capt. Hiram's since these are Open to the Public. I always recommend a Memorial Day weekend with the Caribbean Chillers to get your Americanism Tail Gate Party done right. 

Check out the Caribbean Chillers  for your next Tropical , Jimmy Buffett Party, Event or join them at their next performance. Make your plans to join them at Capt. Hiram's in 2020 Memorial Day.

 Thanks to All who attended!See y'all in 2020 !! Or our next event adventure !!!
 xo Millie Marie Taylor

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