A1A Beach Bash Making Memories...........

     "Let's share this moment together and reminisce over it later......" MMT

Making memories during the 23rd Annual A1A Beach Bash fundraiser for Jacksonville Alzheimer's Association is what this event achieves year after year. Parrot Heads In Paradise Inc. awarded the Beaches A1A PHC in 2018 for the largest amount raised for Alzheimer's Association. Every year I hear new stories and a new phrase that sticks close with me, This year "Keeping memories alive and preserving time is what this event is about. Find the Cure". 
Well said for these fintastic Beaches A1A PHC leading the donations in the fight for Alzheimer. Warriors who may not find the cure tomorrow and realize this is a battle they need to stay on the front lines for. Parrot Head Warriors showed up to battle for a new record FUNdraiser - so far this 2019 A1A Beach Bash total is $20,318.52  surpassing last years total. 
Alzheimer's Association Rep. Terri Cantrell was excited to see the total and meet so many wonderful attendees. Terri also enjoyed the A1A Beach Bash as an attendee and new member to Beaches A1APHC. It didn't take Terri long to join in on the fun, music and games. Terri is the Big Beach Ball Auction winner. 
 There is still time to donate to Beaches A1A PHC Alzheimer's Association fundraiser to help push those numbers up. Check out Beaches A1Aparrotheads.org webpage and click the Donate button. 

Games, giveaways and contests were enjoyed throughout the whole event. Brenda Fee headed up her phlock of volunteers during the Special Olympics Saturday morning.
Brenda Fee along with her phlock brought the ladder toss, corn hole, basket pong and shallow water volleyball to individuals signing up to participate. There were no teams this year just individual signup sheets for games. Great idea for all the attendees to be able to jump in and enjoy the fun. 

Brend Fee and I worked together on Best Pool Float, Musical Chairs and Best Conga Line Dancer. Musical chair winners had their work cut out for them, But the Artists really got into it as much as the attendees. During one of the games we had two sets of siblings battling it out. Over all everyone survived and had a wonderful time. Best Pool Float winners The York's Lone Palm Island was a perfect beach bash winner. The York's Lone Palm Island pool float has been donated for the 2020 24th Annual Beach Bash to be signed by all the attending Artists and Auctioned off. 
 Special Olympic winners came from Sarasota, Tampa Bay, Space Coast, Beaches A1A and The Villages PHC. Great job to all participants and excellent job Brend Fee and the phlock of volunteers. 

 Music makes the party fun in Fundraising. Thursday meet and greet moved into the ballroom due to weather. The Detentions fed us stories and songs from their current album "YES". These two teachers out of Texas told us tales and fables as big as Texas. It will be a while before we untwist all the twisters we laughed at and soak up all the experiences these two have shared with us. Teachers with musical talent and wonderful stage presence.
 Two of the original Founding Fathers of Trop Rock performing their iconic songwriting skills that have supplied Parrotheads with music for decades. Their presence embraced the ballroom with songs we know and love. Sunny Jim is a movie star singing in "The Firm"( small part,but it counts cause it's a Tom Cruise movie ), sharing the stage with so many Artists/Musicians and having a vast selection of original recorded music is what has made his footprints in the sand a top of Trop.

 Sunny Jim fans dance out the lyrics and don't be surprised to see some flying monkeys. Jimmy Parrish winner of the Next Big Star contest in 2008- prize was opening for Kenny Chesney at Jacksonville Memorial Arena, lyrics "Put a little hot sauce on it" showcase that Rock is tropical and has his own followers labeled as "ParrishHeads" (Maybe it's the hat) is what keeps Jacksonville's very own above the rest. I like to think of  it as Tropical Troubadour Talented Thursday evening. Guitars and lyrics filling the ballroom with tropical laughter and dancers. 

  Friday poolside with Boys gone wild. The guys of trop rock teamed up once again showcasing their young guns are packed with lyrical talent and playful strumming. Danny Rosato  Navy Veteran with a guitar habit, writing to the salty soul and truly enjoys performing his original music for everyone of all ages.

Boomer Blake comes full force with his songs "Island Lady", "Escape for a Smile" and "Damn!Those Caribbean Girls" leaving a musical tatoo on you. Catchy songs like these stick in your head and BOOM you realize you have Boomer on the Brain. Jimmy Parrish poolside brought the ParrishHeads to the dancing deck. That group is always laughing and bobbing around with smiles, They are the ParrishHeads. 

 Jerry Diaz and Hanna's Reef : Jerry Diaz is one of the original God Fathers of Trop Rock participating in the original Margarita Mafia in New Orleans,LA.(now Known as Pardi Gras) before it became MOTM (Meeting of the Minds) in Key West,FL. Jerry's music has influenced many of the trop rock artists performing in the genre now. Texas Beach Music filled the ballroom as we enjoyed original songs like "Beach People Like Beach Music", "Beer In The Cooler" and the new album "Rum Drinks and Sandy Beaches". 
Amazing evening with special guest Local Artist Dusty Barber joining in as a Hanna's Reef band member. 
Mark Mareles  the Texas Pan Man brought us sounds with tropical vibes and he has some awesome vocals too. 

Trey Newmiller never misses a beat on the drums. Trey really shows you how much he loves his job when you see him play.

 Enjoying all of the moments that the artists shared their stage and music with not only us but each other were eventful. Artist collaborations or jam sessions are always a unique experience at many of these private events. Truly enjoyed the family vacation vibe with all the attendees and artist/musicians mingling together for a wonderful fundraiser. 
   Barefoot Reggie Starrett  hit a home run with Mermaids and Pirates. Saturday poolside with Reggie and his beautiful family could not have been any better. The Sunshine State lived up to it's title with Reggie playing to the lounge lizards, sun soakers and poolside parkers relaxing in the lyrics. 

Tim Campbell is big on personality and hosts a true troubadour arrange of music. His good vibes and bodacious smile along with his talented wife Patti really are the perfect concoction for a Tiki Bar afternoon. Tim's little song "Welcome to Paradise" provided us lyrics to live in the moment with as we karaoked along.  

 Drop Dead Dangerous Loaded showing up with Larry, Paul and JD to push out the Florida Southern sounds like Jacksonville's very own Molly Hatchet to The Allman Brothers Band with a Nashville twist. These gals show up with a punch of talent and a sound that will blow you away. The vibrations as everyone stomped to the beat of Melanie's high octane performance on percussions is just mind blowing. JD Edge is a true charmer to a rattlesnake bite on his violin (fiddle) as he draws you in with a serenade and feeling his bow glides you into another pouncing rip of strings. Don't let the beard and jeans fool you when it comes to JD and his violin they can talk to you in many cords. Impressive band packed with true raw and rare talent.

 Father's Day poolside with the Downings is just what the Doctor ordered. Joe Downing is Nashville all rolled up into one. Joe is unique in his talent for singing country and blues strong. Joe gives a delightful array of music from several genres and he is talented enough to infuse these with his own original music. 

      The overall of this years A1A Beach Bash is one to be remembered for along time. I was asked all three days "This is great! How can A1A Beach Bash ever top this again?" - I shared that comment with Pres. Leigh Ann , John, Brenda Fee and Sandy --- With a smile from each one they all responded pretty much the same way - "It's everyone here making this so wonderful".... They are a shy group of Volunteers who are just happy to be behind the Big Curtain.

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   A1A Beach Bash is a Beaches A1A PHC Member Hosted Event.
           HUGE THANK YOU To All The SPONSORS !!!
        Thank You So Much To All The Members of Beaches A1A PHC
    Special Thanks: Pres.Leigh Anne & Mike Gleghorn, John & Tina Farrell, Brenda Fee (&Momma C) , Gary Avery, Rae Chug, Randy Chung, Sandy & Joel Youngblood, Lauren Schaefer, Lisa Cooprider and Mike Acuff
   Shore Life Radio Volunteers & Donors Special "You Trokk" Thank You: Lenda Robbins,Mike&Julie, Mike/Jeanette/Jackie, Trish, Diana&Mark, Brenda Fee & Sandy........... 
 It takes all of you to make everything work !!!!!! xoxo MMT