November NEW CDs and Artist Reviews...........

                                    Shorespondent Millie Marie Taylor

 Brent Burns new CD " My Jukebox At The Beach"
 If you are counting this number 15..................

    Everything we have come to expect from Brent Burns is all here in new techno upgrades of fresh fun and party playing sounds. Brent Burns and Bill Whyte are up to comical mischief and fun lyrics together in 8 outta 10 songs on this latest CD.  The titles alone will make you smile or laugh giving nothing away until you actually hear the song lyrics. Imaginations can play and run wild with some of these song titles. On the flip side the titles may have nothing to do with what you are thinking the song is about. By the time you listen to the whole CD it is highly recommended you listen again so you can hear the lyrics you missed while laughing or asking yourself did he just sing that.... Yep Brent Burns just sang out another CD that only Mr Brent Burns can. Don't just show up at your friend/family's house with beer/wine- Bring along your collection of Brent Burns CD's and show them who brings the fun. "A boy A girl and A beach" will bring those Frankie and Annette days back to life with a PG upgrade. "Hard to be Buffett" gets topped with his newest "Jimmy Buffett Wanta Be" lyrical upgrade with a twist of humour or is it humility. Whatever you have come to expect from Brent Burns' music is all here with his lyrical insight. Upgrade to a romantic love song "You Can Have Your Way With My Heart" lyrics of past pains in relationships to that New Love launching two lovers into a relationship releasing your heart to the other. A Beautiful love song that adds a special touch on this CD............
1. My jukebox At The Beach
2. Service Dog
3.Motel Margarittaville
4. Exercise Makes Me Look Good Naked
5. Jimmy Buffett Wanta Be
6. We Polka, We Polka
7. A Boy a Girl and a Beach
8. If Not Now,When
9. I Hate My Job
10. You Can Have Your Way With My Heart



       Heather Vidal new CD "BACK HOME"
      This is Solo CD number 2.......................

 I can never figure out what attracts me the most to Heather Vidal's recordings or Live performances. I know everytime I hear that voice it's going to be a good day. Soothing, Friendly and yes a lot like home. Inspiration to a lot of us is her versatile style of music. Front porch picking, Folk stories and smooth blues sounds all swizzled in a wine glass needing to air out. I enjoy her voice carrying me through a folk song or the electrical power of hitting that note increasing chills and hairs standing as if I have static electricity. This latest CD "Back Home" has me longing for those relaxing cool porch moments with a bottle wine and nothing but time to enjoy the flavors of this CD. I feel myself swinging, swaying and dancing to "Freight Train". Special touch having a "Bottle of Whiskey" on this cd with the "Girlz Rule" band Kristi Bobal, Lynley Tolls joining in and extra bonus Paul Bobal. "If Not Now,When" musically takes me back to a stroll dance with a bluesy sound and harmonies blending it all together creating a classic touch. It's a pop/country/blues with some soothing vocals that makes this cd a must for your TropRock Cd collection. "Leaving on that midnight train to Georgia" melody and a up beat blues americana sound can be heard in "Cling To The Wreckage". Heather pours out the positivity for ups and downs in her characters in this song. If I was to pick a song that showcases Heather Vidal as a songwriter and a glimpse into her personal life - I would have to choose this song for setting the whatever has happened, been taken or once had been is still a memory, Moving on in the next journey. 
Beauty Out Of Blue
Girlz Rule

1. Cling To The Wreckage
2. Freight Train
3. Madrid
4. Lady Blue
5. Bottle of Whiskey
6. Sing Out
7. If Not Now,When?
8. Dented Man
9. Back Home
10. Whatever Tune
CD is available at Live Performances & Digital/Hard CD Heather Vidal Music.....Heather Vidal


  Jack Mosley New CD "Will You Be My Shore"
     CD number 11 .........................

    Songwriter Jack Mosley comes back with this true to form trop rock cd. Jack has the stage when it comes to putting a Tropical Rock cd together. Songs we know by heart like "Headin' South", "Blame it All on the Tequila", "Time On The Water" and "Small Boats on Big Oceans" give us stories to sing-a-long with. Jack Mosley fans will be embracing the sounds and lyrics that came out of the melting pot and into the studio. Jack has tossed all the tropical rock and sounds from symphony of the sea back in the studio to create the "Will You Be My Shore" CD. "Better Man" is Jack doing what he does best as he confirms with his vocals and music a promise through song. "Highway and Time" tells a truth of Jack's summer tour with a happy beat and fast friendly lyrics. Sexy sax and piano sounds move you as you fall into the wave of relationship lyrics in "Will You Be My Shore".
What a beautiful song pointing out the ups and downs of relationships and let's keep this journey going together. Tropical lyrics Jack has proven time after time on his cds that he can talk through the ocean and embrace the shore. "The Sound In A Seashell" is a great beach dancing story song that Jack has created from a beach day with his Grandmother. Spiritually uplifting and well produced song that is made up of words to live by is "Along The Way". Powerful lyrics with a tender storyline that is perfect for all in these politically correct times. This a must for your TropRock CD Collection........
    "Will You Be My Shore"

1. Will You Be My Shore
2. The Sound In A Seashell
3. Along The Way
4. The Skunks Of Knob Hill
5. On The Otherside Of The Storm
6. Life On The Beach
7. God Sent An Angel
8. The Scene Of The Crime
9. A Better Man
10. Highway And Time
11. Find My Way Home

  Beth Travers New CD " Late Bloomer".....

Living in Englewood Florida this Nashville Artist, Musician and Songwriter has landed in the Trop Rock Genre. Beth Travers has released her New cd "Late Bloomer". Beth's description of Trop Rock is American Fusion. I enjoy the sounds and tropical attitude in Beth's original "I Just Need The Sunshine". Head in the clouds mentality with sunshine and a bouncing beat as you hum along to "Defying Gravity". Reggae music is known for putting out some repression or political messages in lyrics - Beth Travers has her American fusion version of positive lyrics of hope and a peaceful message of "Eliminate Hate". Positive lyrics keep us all grounded and feeling empowered with kindness is what I get from Beth Travers songwriting technique along with her co-write Donna Frost. I always say No sad songs in Trop Rock. I want to escape, vacation in a daydream or play happy music in a hammock. This tropical Americana cd is just what your Trop Rock CD Collection has been waiting for. Beth's vocals and sounds are just perfect for a beach day or a sunset with friends. This cd has something for everyone from upbeat skip around music to a touch of jazzy rap fun in "Mercury's Rising". There are 10 original songs that Beth Travers put on this musical transition into the Trop Rock Genre. 

Quote from Beth Travers on "Late Bloomer" ....."wrote it with one of my favorite chick-co-writers Donna Frost... We thought it was a great concept for everyone to remember, "you are never too old to be a rockin' beginner at something new!" We always will be a "Late Bloomer" at something..."

1. Runaway Train
2. Infinity Plus One
3. Eliminate Hate
4. Dust In The Wind - Cover
5. I Just Need The Sunshine
6. Defying Gravity
7. Late Bloomer
8. There But For Horses
9. I Want To Do That Again
10. Homeward Bound - Cover
11. Get Together - Cover
12. Mercury's Rising
13. No Place Like Home

Also performs with The Shark Sisters
 and Jack Mosley


                  BAH HUMBOOGIE
            "Christmas From The Hip!"

 Mark Mireles, Brennen Nase & Trey Newmiller team up to put some "Hip" into some classic Christmas music. This instrumental Christmas collection has the upgrade of steel drums, horns and beats to bring joy to any of your Holiday gatherings. Bah Humboogie band will give you a perfect collection of listening favorites to play all throughout the season. Put some snazzy jazzy sounds in your Christmas this year with "Christmas From The Hip". A great Holiday add to your Trop Rock Collection.............   

 Christmas From The Hip

1. Winter Wonderland
2. The Christmas Song
3. Pure Imagination
4. I'll Be Home For Christmas
5. Baby It's Cold Outside
6. Christmas Time Is Here
7. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
8. Silver Bells
9. White Christmas
10. Frosty The Snowman

Also Add Mark Mireles Newest CD :
Friends, Places and Memories Vol.1