Have yourself a Trokkin Christmas....

 Shorespondent Reports - Millie Marie Taylor

Christmas is just not the same without music. Here are a few of our Top Trokkin Christmas selections or you to add to your Holiday Island State of Mind......

 No Parrothead or Trop Rock Christmas is complete without the man who started it all....
Jimmy Buffett has two wonderful Christmas CD/Digi Downloads out ..

 Christmas Island : BUY NOW                               Tis' The Season : BUY NOW

 Kenny Chesney is always filling our Island Pirate side. Kenny's Christmas music is perfect for every Pirates Trop Rock CD/ Digi Download Collections.... Rrrhhhh Mattie it's a must..
All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan : BUY NOW
The late great Jim Morris is with us Parrotheads and Trop Rockers everyday through his music. If you do not any Jim Morris and The Big Bamboo band you need to get started now. This Christmas Cd is a must for your tropical Christmas and it is becoming a rare find for your tropical Christmas collection.
 I Like Presents : BUY NOW

Christmas without Love, Laughter and a warm fuzzy little old man are better with Mr Brent Burns' Christmas Vacation CD. String the popcorn and roast some chest nuts to the warm Christmas cheer from the one and only Mr Brent Burns Christmas Vacation also available in digi download.
Christmas Vacation : BUY NOW

Gene Mitchell has a Christmas Cd with a title to run away with - Christmas In Paradise. Enjoy songs like Santa's Gone Surfing, Christmas Boat Parade and many more New fun Christmas songs to start making a part of your Family and Friends Holiday Music.
Christmas In Paradise : BUY NOW

Put three talented musicians together to create a TropiJazz infusion instrumental Christmas CD and you get " Christmas From The Hip". The band Bah HumBoogie is a trio combination of Mireles - Nase - Newmiller contributing to a jazzy seasoning on some of your favorite Christmas music.
 Christmas From The Hip : BUY NOW

Jimmy and The Parrots drummer Mark Sacco has put out his first Christmas mp3 downloads to help you Trokk through the Holidays. I have always enjoyed Mark's rapping music during their performances -- I found a rap song to really enjoy "Christmas Wrapping"- I just wanna dance around the house and the tree. I love hearing some rock back in Trop Rock...
A Very Sacco Christmas : BUY NOW

Let's Hear For The Steel Pans !! Nothing says tropical like a steel pan.When it comes to tropical Christmas music I recommend these two fantastic musicians Christmas Cds for your Parrothead or Trop Rock Cd/Digi Downloads Collection. No Holiday is Complete without them.

John Patti's A Calyp-Soul Christmas : BUY NOW

                                         Steel Margarita's  Tropical Christmas : BUY NOW


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